The Secret of 11:11 Revealed – It’s about You!

Image of 11-11People for years have been noticing the 11:11 phenomenon. You glance at your digital clock and it says 11:11. You notice the time stamp on an email or post and it seems to have some mystical significance.

There are many theories as to what it may mean. Your guides are trying to get your attention. It’s a call to wake up. It’s a synchronistic event and means the veils are thinner. It’s a wink from the Infinite.

When I see 11:11 on my clock I definitely pay attention. I sit up and stare at the numbers until the minute completes, and then I resume my activity. I feel as though I’m standing at attention and saluting something. But what?

Yesterday, as I was contemplating the 11:11 formation, it came to me.

The double digits with the connecting colon speak of the two dimensions we live in and the connection between them. As above, so below. The higher and the lower mirror each other. The one makes contact with the other. Eleven, the master number version of One, I, the individual, the indivisible, is duplicating itself. The One above is identical to the one below. The veils ARE thinner.

I’ve been obsessed lately with the theme of “Bridging Heaven and Earth.” I believe this is our role as human beings. We are living bridges between the higher “heavenly” realm and the Earth plane where our bodies hang out.

I believe bridging the two realms is our job, and we’re being called to perform this job now. Now is the time we’ve been preparing for, to become more awake and aware of our true nature, of the two realms we inhabit, and to do our part in restoring Heaven to Earth which we do in our very being, our consciousness, and in our life.

Maybe the 11:11 phenomenon is an embodiment of this call, that is coded to trigger something in our unconscious. It is just one of many sets of clues and reminders we have collectively planted around our world to wake us up when the time is right. 

And the time is right, NOW. Today is 11:11. How might YOU bridge heaven and Earth? What could that look like if you did? 

If you are on the path of sacred entrepreneurship, that is definitely one powerful form your bridging can take. For that is where you can have the most effect on the most people.

Starting with your soul’s purpose to express, create, and give something of value and meaning, you then have to bring that vision all the way down into form where it actually penetrates the earth plane. That is what bridging means. Otherwise you will have no business and not much effect. 

My guides made the analogy to sewing. “Your business is the needle with which you can sew your thread of light into the fabric of the world.” That is what I mean by bridging. Taking your light all the way into the world. To do that it needs a focus. Your business must have the clarity and specificity that characterizes all form on Earth.

(If you need help honing your focus in your business, let’s talk. You can contact me here.)

So let your 11:11 sightings help to awaken you to your divine mission of bringing the light of your soul and the light of Heaven here on Earth. Believe me, your light is greatly needed now! 


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