Renewal and Rebirth

It’s Easter – a time of rebirth, renewal, Spring –  and the Goddess! (Even Jesus is now seen by many as an embodiment of the female or Mother aspect of God!)

The egg as a symbol has always been central for me, including when I was an artist.  I painted many eggs, shells, and other natural objects which, in retrospect I recognized as belonging to the realm of Female Divinity.

More and more we are moving into a time of renewal, and of the rising of the Feminine Divine essence. Whether we are male or female in our current body, the energy of the Divine Feminine can flow through us as a stream of living light that fills and overflows our heart. For in that way we will help heal the world.

I also see that in order to be that channel for healing that we were born to be, most of us still have some work to do within our own psyches – and a lot of it has to do with overcoming the residual fears and sense of limitation that we have inherited from our culture and lineages. At core, it comes from identifying with the separated ego, thinking that is who we are. 

I just recorded a 24-minute segment for the radio show, Monday Morning Coffee (part of the Creating Calm Radio Network, in which I am honored to participate).

In  that segment I review my four favorite (and very powerful) ways to banish fear. I’d love for you to listen to this – I think it’s the best short audio I’ve done so far.

As my gift to you, I’m offering that segment for you to listen to right here:

You can also access the whole wonderful broadcast by clicking HERE.

 Wishing you much joy of renewal and rebirth now and going forward. I’m so glad we’re all here together to help bring in the new world! I know that together we can do this!

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