Soulful/Feline Reflections for the New Year – 3

It is wonderful to deepen your self-inquiry. But make sure you don’t get obsessive or caught in the trap of self-criticism. Self-awareness is not the same as brooding or wallowing in self-pity – God forbid! It is most important to hold yourself with a compassionate and forgiving gaze, not an accusing one. In fact, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, and leave the lose-lose cycle of “compare and despair” behind you forever. Self-knowledge is liberating, but only when it is true knowledge, in the widest sense. For that you must learn to see  yourself with the same love and acceptance that Spirit sees you with. Remember that when you are tempted to judge yourself, you are only seeing a tiny speck and magnifying that out of all proportion. To see the whole picture of yourself in your truth, you must include all your  traits, your idealism and your vulnerability, your highest intentions, the aspirations of your soul, and the purity with which you came into this life. That is still who you are, under whatever disguises you may sometimes wear. Encourage that one to step forth now, and embrace that one. Express your gratitude and allow all of you to become integrated as the one being you are. Let the whole you play!

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