Soulful/Feline Reflections for the New Year – 2

Reflections for the New Year – The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to do some serious introspection, exploration, and self-examination. It is a time for a re-assessment of your goals, aims, and visions for your life. Who are you, really? What are you here to do? What are the gifts you have to give the world? Isn’t it time you gave those gifts? It’s important to step back from the pressures and anxieties you may feel on a superficial level, that you may be absorbing from the culture, the media, or your friends. Connect to the pure spirit within you, the angelic you, the you that has taken incarnation for a beautiful, sacred purpose. Let that inner you emerge and expand. Don’t be afraid to embrace that deeper part of you, to let it out. See what it wants to be, do, and express. The world needs the real you to come forth. And feel free to purr!

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