Are YOU part of the “New Mainstream” of Consciousness?

Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 7.47.14 PMI read an article on Huffington Post this week – you may have seen it too. It states that “There’s a New Mainstream Out There and You’re Probably Part of it!”

In this thought-piece author Diane Collins calls this new mainstream she’s identified “The Consciousness Crowd.” It includes me, probably you, and just about everyone I am currently connected to. This is a fascinating new development. Suddenly all of us who are in the vanguard of transformational thinking are a “something.”

If you’re like me, used to feeling like an outsider, it may feel strange to be suddenly called Mainstream. But I’m jumping up and down with excitement. This is one club I’m happy to be part of.

Some of the themes she mentions as prevalent among us Consciousness cronies are the interdependence and interconnection of all, the “merging of science and spirituality,… energy healing,…intuition and the power of intent.” Also “the monumental paradigm shift from the Industrial Age to the Quantum Age” as well as “near-death, after-life experiences and angelic realms.” Whew! That’s quite a roll call.

I’ve never before seen a formal acknowledgment of how these new ways of thinking have infiltrated the culture. It confirms that unprovable sense I’ve had for so long that awakening is happening at a deafening rate – like popcorn popping all over the globe. (Can you hear it? )

Maybe the most powerful statement for me in this article is that there is a “recognition that we are in a time of awakening to… a higher-level of consciousness for humanity…” She says that all of [us] are “talking about the leap to higher consciousness and how we get there. Yes, really. What The New Mainstream really means is you are waking up and you want the rest of the world to wake up, too.”

Can you feel that?? I’m kind of blown away to have my strongest passions named right there on HuffPost. I knew I wasn’t the only one, but frankly, sometimes it has felt lonely.

She also acknowledges that this large group crosses all demographics, including professional, political, income categories and …generations! This “New Mainstream,” she says, includes “Millenials and Gens X, Y and boomers and even octogenarians!”  

Oh, it makes my heart sing! She hasn’t left out us midlifers and “senior transformers.”

And she points out that “The economic impact of the The New Mainstream appears to be untapped.”  Ahem! All conscious and spiritual entrepreneurs, take notice. If you wonder where your clients will come from… they appear to be everywhere!

She concludes: “Until now, the consciousness crowd has kept themselves in the closet. The closet is full and bursting. It’s time for the consciousness crowd to come out and recognize themselves as The New Mainstream”

To read the full article, go to

To me this feels like a “coming out” party, allowing many of us who have been checking each other out across many platforms of communication to actually start waving at each other, stepping across boundaries and striking up some new conversations.

I wonder what the result will be of this article’s publication. I know it’s emboldened and energized me. Which suggests that there may have been some ways I didn’t realize I felt discouraged or like waging an uphill battle – despite the popcorn phenomenon.

How does it affect you? I’d love to hear.

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