The Paradox of Gratitude – The one thing you need to know

Screen shot -Golden eggDo you know that wonderful Leonard Cohen song – the one where he says, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”? 

That is so profound, it gives me chills.Don’t we think we are cracked, that the world is cracked? Don’t we reject what we think is wrong with ourselves, with our lives? I know I’m guilty of that over and over.
And yet… what if those very things we reject are what we NEED?Are precious experiences by which our souls grow?

Now look at the image above, of the egg, full of cracks.

Instead of letting the light in, in this case, it’s how the light gets OUT!

Because there’s treasure inside that egg… just like there’s treasure inside each one of us. Just like there’s treasure inside of you.

Your soul is a treasure, your essence is a treasure, the gifts you brought into this life are treasures. But in order to find them… sometimes we all need to crack a little. Because they can be buried within.

The paradox is that we are being called to be grateful not just for the things we think of as “good, fortunate, pleasurable.” Not just for our successes and joys..

No, from the perspective of the soul, we should be grateful for ALL our experiences – including the cracks in our lives, and in the world.Each of those “cracks” is here for a reason, to develop our deepest capacities for love, joy, courage, strength, and compassion. They are not mistakes. We didn’t do anything wrong .As souls on an amazing journey of development and evolution, expansion and contribution, we are supposed to participate in the full spectrum of life experience. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be incarnated at this time.

The wonderful secret is this: As we embrace this truth and open to our experience with acceptance and gratitude, we flow into alignment more and more with the frequency of our Higher Self. We come into resonance with our purpose.  We start to know who we truly are. 

As we stop resisting and are able to say a heartfelt Yes to this adventure of life, life itself starts to transform and reflect the beauty of what is shining  through from within us  – through the cracks!
If you practice nothing else but choosing to feel Gratitude for every event in your life, to look for the light shining through the cracks, making yourself available to that light even when it seems the darkest – this alone will transform your life. Guaranteed!

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