One on One Sessions

One on One Sessions

How to work with me individually

There are several ways you can work with me individually.
Below I have outlined the main sessions and packages I offer.
In addition, if you’d like to hire me for any other kind of coaching,
spiritual, or healing support, please ask me about it.
We can create a CUSTOMIZED program just for you!

What is the focus of my work with clients? It’s to help you…

Gain clarity about your soul’s calling and how you can contribute to the global transformation, to be part of the Great Transition, the time you were born for.

Gain clarity about your gifts, desires, and how your soul has been communicating with you all your life… and how to turn that into action now.

Clear emotional barriers, fears, and limiting beliefs to empower yourself and unleash your true potential.

Connect to your Higher Self, the voice of your Soul, and learn to receive guidance from your Multidimensional Self.

Form a vision to move towards, map the overview of your Big Why, and create a plan to bring your dreams into reality…whether as a business, a creative project, or some other form of expression.

Discovery Session (for only $80!)

Book a one-hour session to gain clarity and insight about your issues, what’s most important, what you need that you’re not seeing –  and to see if I’m the person to help you. The fee is 50% off the usual one-hour charge. Plus, the fee rolls over and will be deducted from any package over $300, if you choose to purchase one.


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Channeled Guidance and Visioning Sessions
Working with me and my guides together will shine a light on any situation (other than medical: work, creativity, relationships, spirituality, purpose, gifts…) and help you see new possibilities for your life. These powerful sessions can take you in new directions. They are 90 minutes (or more) in length.


Single Session: $225
Two Sessions:  $400 
Three Sessions: $575  

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REMOVING BLOCKS: Clearing the Path to Your Soul Expression
This package of 3 sessions is devoted to helping you clear the blocks and barriers that may be stopping you from moving ahead in your life. Often these are limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, and inner child issues that lead to self-doubt and self-judgment (we all have them). It’s time to be free of those so you can do what you came here to do! 

Three 90-minute Sessions: $575

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“Answering Your Soul’s Call After 50” Mentoring Program
This three-six month mentoring program is designed for women past 50 (although I work with men and younger folks too), who are ready to finally answer their inner call, who are seeking clarity about their purpose, and wish to make a contribution to the world. They know their time is now and are not willing to put it off any more!

Total program: $2000  

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Contact me if interested. 

We can also create CUSTOMIZED programs just for you to fit your time and budget. CONTACT ME if you’d like to create such a special program.