New Year’s ReVolution!

  30 BELIEFS in 25 DAYS
…for only $88!
NOW, UNTIL MAY 15, only $74.50!!


When was the last time you made a New Year’s Resolution?

Did it work?   

Did you make those changes in your life, accomplish those goals, create those new habits? 

I thought not. Neither did I.

The problem is, nobody taught us what REALLY creates change!

BUT NOW WE KNOW! There is much data proving that our limitations – and our successes – are caused by our underlying BELIEFS!



I’m Tomar Levine and, in addition to my coaching-mentoring, my channeling and intuitive services, I’ve also been exploring and testing various Tools for Transformation for decades. It’s one of my passions.

And I only keep the ones that are a) effective, b) simple and quick, c) easy to learn and use, and d) that people can do themselves without needing to hire a practitioner. That’s what I love to teach my students and clients!

Now I want to share with you one of the most powerful and fun tools I’ve ever discovered, one that every client I’ve shared it with absolutely loves! One that TRANSFORMS BELIEFS quickly and permanently! More effectively than any other method I’ve tried.

It’s called the BeliefCloset Process.

I want to give you the tools to create REAL CHANGE in your life. 

Because when you master your beliefs, you can CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY! 

Not only that, I want to offer it to you at such a low price that you have no excuse to say no!

  GRAB IT NOW! (by 5/15/2020)


What I am offering you is a 5-module immersion course in belief change. Each module has five sessions, for a total of 25 sessions!

Each module will focus on a different theme:

MODULE 1 – Worthiness 

MODULE 2 – Love and Acceptance
MODULE 3 – Money
MODULE 4 – Success
MODULE 5 – Change and Separateness

These are the BIG ISSUES that, once transformed, will clear your path to much more ease, flow, and success in your life. (Graduates of the class have reported greater peace, self-acceptance, confidence, less reactivity, and much more.)

When the class was first offered it met for five weeks, Monday thru Friday, for a total of 25 live calls.

Now you are receiving the entire course on recording.

It will be delivered to you all at once, in an email containing all of the audio links. You can download them to your device and listen to them at the pace that suits you. 

I recommend you listen to one session each day if you can but you can also space them out. 

You can also join the Facebook group and watch all the classes on video, if you prefer. (You will get all the information you need when you register.)

Each process of belief-change lasts around 20 minutes. That is followed by sharing and teaching with the students who were live on that call – for a total of around 1 hour per call. If you want to save time you can just listen to the process. But the sharings are very illuminating and contain many important TEACHINGS. 


Using this simple but powerful method, you will permanently transform five core beliefs in each category
– one on each call.
That will clear out the key barriers holding you back in each category. And in the final week we doubled up so you will transform even more beliefs – The total is actually 29 beliefs transformed. Plus an introductory belief at the beginning comes to 30 beliefs total! 

One of the biggest benefits is that you will learn how to use this method for yourself to continue to clear more of your limiting beliefs after you complete the program.

The sessions do not have to be done in order. After you do the first introductory session you can choose the topic you want to focus on. However, there is a logic and a momentum to the way the whole class is structured. 

(Even if you think “this kind of thing doesn’t work for me” – don’t worry. That belief is handled in the Introduction session.)

All of this is yours for only $74.50!  (but only thru 5/15/2020)

Yes, that’s right.

A program of this length, depth, and scope and power to change your life would normally cost between $250 and $500 or more. I’m sure you’ve seen that in what is being offered out there.

Even if you only need ONE category, whether it’s Money, or Self Worth, or Love – you will still be getting the equivalent of FIVE sessions with me. (And each private session with me currently costs from $160 – $240.)

I would say that’s a good deal!

I decided to charge a low fee to make it easy for you to say “yes” because I want you to become more empowered and free – asap! 

You see, I have a “secret plan” to empower the people who are here to bring more light into the world, so that together we can do more of the great work we came here to do and help raise the energy of the Earth.


Believe me, you can’t fulfill your highest potential while you’re hampered by limiting beliefs.
It’s like having one hand tied behind your back – or worse. I know from my own years of struggling with my load of negative beliefs that held me back for much of my life.

The time is NOW for us to give our gifts and shine our light.
The world needs us! And helping liberate the light of transformational agents is a big part of my purpose.

(By the way, clearing my own beliefs is largely responsible for why I’m able to pursue my purpose more fully now.)

There is an extra bonus too:
Lion Goodman, the creator of the BeliefCloset Process, is gifting each person who enrolls with his beautifully produced, very informative 40-page eBook, “Clear Your Beliefs.”

All this for only $74.50?  Yes!  (but only thru 5/15/2020)

This is what you’ll get: 
~ 25 powerful belief-clearing sessions you can watch on video or download and listen to on audio.
~ A total of 29 individual beliefs on 6 major topics cleared forever. Plus a bonus Introduction = 30 beliefs!

~ A private Facebook group where you can watch all the videos, as well as post your comments and get your questions answered.
~ A great modality you will learn, that’s powerful, easy, fun and highly effective, for you to use on your own for the rest of your life! (Practitioners of some very well known “belief change” methods admit this one is better!)

~ A richly informative eBook on Belief Clearing that will tell you all you need to know about the science and philosophy of beliefs. 

SIGN UP NOW! It’s a no-brainer! (you must act by 5/15/2020 for this price)


What former students have said:

Tomar has a unique healing gift, which includes her ability to find the most powerful words to shift old beliefs. Her healing is truly ‘out of this world.’” – Rhonda O., Healer, Singer, Australia

You’re an ideal vehicle for facilitating the kind of transformations that the world so desperately needs! Your work is very inspirational.” – Karen A, College Instructor

“Thank you for sharing this process with us, Tomar. I had forgotten how magical it is. My sessions so far have been truly transformative. Thank you so much for your wisdom, your creativity and your brilliance.” – Wendi K, Author + Artist

“Wow, Tomar, you blew my mind once again! You are definitely working magic in my life. Thank you so much!” – Rhonda O., Feldenkrais teacher, Vocal Coach

“In this program, we have gone deep and shared a transformational container the likes of which I have not experienced before.” – Bobbye M., Writer, Transformational Guide

“Thank you! This is great. There are a couple of sessions I would like to revisit, so it is wonderful to have them all in one place. I really look forward to it being a part of my morning routine.”  – Patrice S., Meditation Teacher

“Tomar’s 30 Beliefs in 25 Days is pure gold!”  – Boris T., ClearBeliefs Practitioner, Slovenia

“I am loving the course and am doing a session every night before going to bed.” – Sophia T., Spiritual Entrepreneur, Mexico

“Thank you so much for doing what you are doing, I feel very lucky I came across your wonderful offer of this program. Thank you, everyone, for the beautiful sharing. Thank you, Tomar, for all the additional tips and for creating such a safe space.” – Lenka V, Holistic Healer, UK

“I have really been enjoying the Belief Closet work! And I started seeing differences right away. Some reorganization in my nervous system, more work coming in, even an unsolicited sign-up to my business. And today my acupuncturist says that my pulses were the strongest she has felt them in years!!!  All that is to say that I am loving your program.” – Jilena A., Intuitive Healer

I just want to express my gratitude to Tomar for leading us on this path of release of limiting beliefs and to the other participants for sharing their stories. Knowing I’m not alone on this quest for change is huge for me and I appreciate all your trust in sharing your most intimate experiences.” – Diane G., Healer

What a blessing, your recording!!!! It felt as though I was together with all other listeners, and at the same time it felt as if you had made the recording JUST for me. What a great gift, to me and to everyone!” – Christiane K, Illustrator, Writer, Germany                                                       

Tomar Levine is a channeler who shares messages from her guides to empower change agents and bring hope to all of us.
She is an intuitive Life Purpose and Career Guide/Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs, and a teacher of TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION, including the BeliefCloset Process. (Tomar is a certified ClearBeliefs Coach.) She also offers 1-1 intuitive readings and Soul Portraits, using her gifts as an artist. As a late bloomer herself, she specializes in those who are stepping up to share their light in midlife or beyond. She is currently working on a book of channeled wisdom.
Go to and her Facebook group, “Divine Misfits” or “You Were Born For This Time!’