Do you “not belong” in this world?

I certainly do, and have for most of my life.

Feeling that way can lead us to thinking there’s something wrong with us.
It also leads to seeking where we DO belong.
Can you relate?

For those of us on a spiritual path and who feel called to contribute something to the world, feeling like we don’t belong here can really be an obstacle. It’s hard to show up fully and commit to our highest work when we’re not fully “here.”

The inner belief that “there’s something wrong with me,” even if shoved down and ignored, puts a brake on our energy. Or puts a kink in the energy flow when we do want to create something and offer it.

Many spiritual, sensitive, talented people with huge gifts to offer the world feel this way and hold themselves back unnecessarily. Are you one?

Because the truth is, you DO belong – just not in the way you thought you should when you were growing up.

You weren’t supposed to fit in to the old paradigm because you’re here to help bring in a new one! And the world is now in that awkward stage “between paradigms.”

We dream of a better world, but we’re still living in the old one. That’s really uncomfortable, but it’s as it should be. because we are part of the bridge, part of that very transition. We’re on what I call the Transition Team.

To be effective in our “assignment” to be part of the transition we do need to clear our blocks that keep us from activating our potential and making our contribution to this most important time that we’re part of.

And we need to tune in to the higher vibration of what our soul came here to do.

I invite you to join me on Thursday, Oct. 13th for a free webinar in which I will be discussing these issues and how you can release your full potential. (There will be a recording, so register even if you can’t make it live.)

I invite you to join the group where you DO belong.


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