Midlife Women – A Force to be Reckoned With

Screen shot 2015-11-28 at 4.50.59 PMIn 2009 the Dalai Lama declared that the world will be saved by the Western woman.

I think I understand what he meant by that and love that he said it.

But I believe he left out one word: midlife.

I believe that midlife women are a force to be reckoned with. I believe that midlife women who are being called to graduate to the next level of our evolution are part of the force that can transform the world.

I call that force Wise Women Waking.

Actually, Wise Women Waking is a convergence of three powerful forces.

1. The first powerful force is the choice point, the turning point, that humanity is at right now.

Which direction will we go in? Will we continue to head towards destruction and perhaps make our world uninhabitable? Or will we achieve the great evolutionary leap towards a higher level of consciousness that will transform our world and our species? Will we be able to raise ourselves up towards our highest potential and create the world we all long for?

The great amount of awakening happening all over the globe today points to how quickly human evolution is accelerating. And every Wise Woman Waking is part of that movement.

2. The second powerful force is the return of the Feminine, the Divine Feminine principle, to the Earth.

A great part of the current awakening is the resurgence of the feminine principle that has been suppressed for so long, to the detriment of life on Earth. The qualities of the feminine are needed to bring our world into balance and harmony and to restore priority to life, love, and inter-dependence, over power, fear, and domination. 

Part of the Divine Feminine that is not always mentioned is the Wise Woman archetype, the energy of the mature female. This essence is embodied by every Wise Woman with years of experience, wisdom, and passionate purpose ready to harvest in the service of life.

We who are Wise Women Waking are part of the resurgence of the Feminine.

3. Finally, the third powerful force is the individual soul of each and every Wise Woman who is feeling called to contribute, called to awaken, called to remember who she is and why she is here at this time. The awakening soul is a huge source of power, love, and wisdom ready to erupt into our world with action, energy, voice, and presence. 

As each woman feels the call of her soul to explore and discover her potentials, to be, do, and give more of her true self, to join with the forces of transformation, and to add her personal thread of light to the new reality being woven .. the ripple effect spreads out exponentially. It is time for us to remember who we are on the highest level and to discover that a time of great fulfillment is awaiting us as we step forward and say yes to it. 

Not only is it not too late, but this is our time to bloom!

I invite all Wise Women Waking to join this movement, this gathering momentum for transformation in the world, and in the process to discover a joy, power, and energy that you may not have even guessed at before.

Women in midlife and beyond can be an army of light, of conscious intention, and of practical and subtle wisdom to help heal the world. The power lies within each and every one of us when we hear the call…. and answer it. 

Within each one of us lies enormous potential power and creativity waiting to be unleashed. We are a force to be reckoned with! 

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Midlife Women – A Force to be Reckoned With — 12 Comments

  1. Tomar, I like how you say we can be an army of light. Seeing midlife as a time of power and contribution is a much more meaningful and inspiring way to look at this stage of life. It feels like we are birthing our new selves in a world we are helping to change. It’s nice to have a guide who is helping women do this.

  2. Thank you, Jeannette. I often speak of us as midwives for a new world but we are also midwives for ourselves, we are birthing new selves indeed, as you say. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Our old selves, steeped in the old paradigm, cannot bring in a new world. Only a new self can do that. So we are freeing ourselves at the same time as we start to plant our own seeds of growth in the world. That’s what awakening is all about, I guess.

  3. Thank you Tomar for the quote AND this powerful posting. Yes, the Wise Woman archetype certainly has arrived on the planet and is making such a difference on so many levels. I’m in awe at times with the synchronicities that occur on the planet. So many midlife women, with great vision and energy, came in at “just the right” time for the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. In addition, the Indigo and Crystal children came in too at “just the right” time, to bring those energies in. What a Divine Plan is in place.

  4. I love that symmetry of the divine plan that you point out, Sharon. I agree with you. The awakening is happening on all levels, like a beautiful forest sprouting trees, flowers, and all the different plants that work together to bring life to its next level. And the expansion keeps happening. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! So glad you get this. Tho I think powerful women waking is happening at younger ages as well and good thing, we need their youth and vitality to carry the wave and take it to a next dimension.

    • I agree with you Claire, that the younger generation needs to be included as well. I think that we, as women, haven’t done a very good job of bringing the younger generation into our process, so they end up feeling excluded and don’t take up our torch to continue the work we do. This is very apparent in the feminist movement where so many now won’t even identify with the term, let alone take a stand for its principles.

      If we hope to create any kind of lasting change in the world, we must embrace women of all ages.

      • I know, Lesa, I’ve been shocked to hear about younger women’s rejection of the term “feminism.” However, I assume that Millennial women will be as forward-looking as many of their male counterparts seem to be.

  6. I totally agree with you, Claire. Awakening of the Feminine is happening on all levels and among men as well as women, for that matter. I’m just here to raise the torch for the advance guard, so to speak, those of us who showed up earlier to be part of the transformation – and have a particular role to play. Thanks!!

  7. WWW! Concise expression of where the true power lies. Women completing their childbearing and rearing years — the Grandmothers (whether you birthed children or not) are the ones who “make decisions for 7 generations beyond”. A big part of our purpose and value is mentoring and guiding younger women and men in the right way to go, a voice of reason and discernment and the Divine Feminine in a world gone crazy, that appears to have abandoned the children — of all species. Believing in ourselves, healing our wounds, and discovering and daring our voices together! that’s what the Earth requires of us now.

  8. Carla, that is such an eloquent, passionate, clear statement. Thank you for adding your voice to this discussion. There are many of us coming to this point of clarity. I hope there’s a way to join forces and truly amplify our power!

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