create-true-abundance TRUE ABUNDANCE MANIFESTO


Are you a spiritual change agent, passionate about giving your soul’s gifts to make a difference in the world?

Do you long to live in a world of abundance, peace, and harmony, but are actually living in financial stress, struggle, and lack?

Are you confused by mixed messages you receive from those telling you to be “abundant” by getting rich, often in ways that don’t feel right to you? Yet you know your relationship to money and success could use some improvement?

facebook-profile-pictureI’m Tomar Levine, of Soul Guidance For Your Business, and that’s been my experience too.

I’ve been an artist, a therapist, a healer, and now I’m an Intuitive Life Purpose, Career, and Empowerment mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. And like you, my values are not primarily about money.

We who are here on a soul-mission tend to not be very focused on the material end of things. But that can also get us into trouble, as you know

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I’ve worked for years on my own money issues, but what was being offered to me so often felt “off.” I knew there had to be a better way, a higher road, a deeper truth that could point to how life was meant to be lived.

Finally, a lot of the pieces started to come together and I wrote my TRUE ABUNDANCE MANIFESTO to explain the paradoxes around money that are keeping so many of us in bondage – and how we can free ourselves.

true-abundance-is-notThe Manifesto also tells you how you can transcend the lower frequencies that dominate our world and learn to live in the “new world” you are helping to bring in – and in so doing, how you can start to live in True Abundance.

I teach these principles in a class and I’ve watched my students have breakthrough after breakthrough – experiencing more joy, expansion, harmony, AND MONEY “falling into their laps” without lifting a finger. Really!


I believe this may be the most important time in human history.
It’s a time of great change.

It is a time of transformation.

visitor-from-another-planetAnd one of the things that is being transformed is – and will increasingly be – the role of money in society, and in our lives.

The system we have now is toxic and unsustainable. As more and more of us find our power and stand in our truth, as we let our soul’s light guide us and remember who we are and why we are here, we will, I believe, co-create a world in which True Abundance once more prevails.

You can start right now by following the guidelines in my True Abundance Manifesto.


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Thank you for downloading my True Abundance Manifesto. You are part of a growing community of visionaries who are committed to creating change in our own lives and in the world.

May you live in True Abundance!