[Akashic Guides] Lightbearers Must Be Empowered

I said to my Akashic guides: “Lightbearers must be empowered.. how can we do that?”

This is what they told me;

This is important for all to hear… The time of getting ready is over.

It is now time for all who have come to Earth to share in the majestic work of lifting the veil of darkness, ignorance, confusion.. to bring greater light, freedom, and restitution of the creative purpose of united life… It is time for all to step forward and say yes, I am here, and I am reporting for duty.

You are free of course to do as you choose, to freely go either way. None is being forced or coerced or reproached, for all are free here to follow your own path as your will dictates and that is fine.

But for those who are feeling stirring within a deep recognition of something in your soul that fits these times, where the pieces match and lock together in a pattern of coherence that you recognize. .. it is to you we say, the time is now for you to come out of retirement and out of the discontent of commenting from the side, and out of the dismay of feeling like a failure, and out of the preparatory phase of life.

The time is now for you all to step up, one by one and all together to grab the wheel of your own consciousness and steer it in the direction you feel calling to you now.

You can do this, for you have come for this purpose.

Do not confuse your human appearance with your soul mission. You are under the delusion that the human appearance of who you seem to be is all you are capable of being. Yet within you right now there is a seed that is ready to sprout and give birth to a species of reality never before seen on the face of the Earth.

You do not know yourself. You have not seen your true face yet in the mirror. Very few have ever detected the reality of who you genuinely are in your tfull dimension. Very few.

So you must live in trust and follow the subtle urgings you feel coming from within, telling you to turn right or left as you travel across the limits of what you have perceived.

You must trust the combination of steady walking upon the Earth and letting the inner promptings guide your steps. For you cannot know in advance what your destination will be. You must trust for that to be perceived in the right time.

Do not falter going forward, thinking it is too hard for you to walk this path. You are fully equipped and came thus into the Earth plane reality. equipped with everything you could ever need.

You have tenderness of heart, you have beauty of vision, you have inner strength and perseverance, and you have a quickening trust in what is calling you.

Let your feelings of weakness be on one side witnessing you as you grow in strength and step into your true dimension.

All will be going thru subtle transformations as one by one you remember who you came here to be. Each of you has within you a treasure, a precious gem locked within. Now is the time to unlock your treasure and bring it out to share with the world .

There is no other time than this. There is no other one than you.

You are the marvel of life you are seeking. Find it first within and then create before you the very purpose for which you were born.

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