Join me for the 12-12-12 Portal!

Oh my! It’s almost 12-12-12, a portal of heightened energy leading up to the “Big One” – the 2012 Solstice, the famous end of the Mayan Calendar!

Of course, that famous “end” is really a beginning – a beginning of a new chapter in human evolution. We get to choose, this time, which way the Shift will happen.

And we’re getting lots of help from “on high.” And SO MUCH awakening is happening around the globe – it’s truly awesome! (I rarely use that word. :-))

This influx of cosmic energy is affecting all of us individually and as a culture. Things are speeding up. Many of us are feeling unstable, positive and flying high one moment, catapulted into anxiety the next.  (Sound familiar?)

I believe these energies will keep increasing over the next few years. And certain moments – the “portals” of 12-12-12 and the Solstice, for instance – may fling open the doors even wider, allowing in even bigger boosts of light.

Among the effects of all this energy is the enormous potential for all of us to move more quickly into our own highest potential, to evolve our own consciousness and start to enjoy the life of our dreams – and our purpose.

To make the most of this opportunity, keep your own vision and frequency as high as you can by remembering Who you are and Why you are here. And by tuning in to appreciation and gratitude for everything in your life and your world, as often as you can remember to.

To help you remember “Who you are and Why you are here,” I am offering a FREE Teleseminar on the auspicious date of 12-12-12, called Birthing Your Sacred Work: Finding Your Calling.

This is the time you were born for! If you are feeling agitated, it is probably because your soul is feeling the call to step up, to start living your purpose and giving the gifts you came into this life to give.

Join me on 12-12-12 (and again on Dec. 15th) for an exploration of what is needed to Birth Your Sacred Work, and what may be keeping you from Finding Your Calling and some next steps you can start taking now.

By the way, not only is 12-12-12 a portal date – it’s also the last NEW MOON of the year. So it’s the perfect time to plant new seeds, going into the new incredible year of 2013!!

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