Is the Divine Feminine calling you? (Are you a Wise Woman Waking?)

Pink RosesI had three profound encounters recently: one just today with a dear friend/colleague who transmits deep heart truth; one a few days ago with a new inspiring client/colleague; and one two weeks ago with a kindred spirit colleague and possible mentor.

In all three cases what I recognized was that… we are all soul sisters riding the wave of the Divine Feminine.

This is not a term I have used much regarding my work. Yet it is undeniable that this is what is calling me – and so many of us. She is calling our whole world, in fact.

In the case of my three amazing colleagues and myself, there is a particular aspect of the Divine Feminine that calls each of us – it is the Wise Woman archetype, channeled through the wisdom of mature women on the planet who are ready to harvest the fruit of their souls’ journeys and offer their gifts to the world.

This is what I am dedicating my work to now. You will hear much more about this in the months to come.

If you are a Wise Woman Waking who feels the same call that I and my colleagues do – then I would like to extend to you an opportunity to connect with me in a few possible ways.

For one more week I am offering four services – including a powerful Wise Women Waking Empowerment Session, and my very popular Akashic Reading for your Business – at more than 1/2 off  the usual fee – for only $100 each.

This Summer Sale is only up for another week – through the end of August – so take advantage of it now!

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(You can schedule your sessions through October, for your convenience.)

If, on the other hand, you’d like to explore the possibility of working with me to uncover your personal gifts, clear your blocks, and harvest the fruit of your lifetime to offer it to the world – then you may book a Free Wise Woman Discovery Session by using my scheduler.

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This gives you two ways to connect with me and move towards the expression of your soul’s longing.

The Divine Feminine is calling us home.

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