Is love sweet or harsh? What is Love anyway?

Is love sweet like candy? Or can love leave us feeling imprisoned in the cold? 

What do we mean by Love anyway?

On the surface, love would appear to be the most ubiquitous, familiar, obsessed-over, celebrated and despaired over, intoxicating and infuriating, talked about, written about and sung about human experience, bar none.

I’m referring to “Romantic love,” of course, the kind being honored by hearts, chocolates, and cards today.

But is that really Love? If not, what is it? And if not, then what is love?

If you look at our chakras, you see that the human heart center is the pivot between the lower and the upper – between the animal, egoic, and survival-based aspects of our nature and our more expansive, generous and inspired potentials, that can open to the Infinite.

The dramas of Romantic love, so broadcast by popular culture, come from the fear-based, contracted, possessive-addictive needs of the separated ego that craves union, merging, value, and release – because it doesn’t have any of those things itself.

It’s like our lower aspects are longing for our higher ones without being able to transform and actually get there. No wonder it’s frustrating!

When we are in the trance of thinking we are only our ego, we can only crave – but we cannot truly love. Part of what we crave is a taste of merged bliss – the same merged bless we experienced as infants – which is really a taste of our own Divine essence.

That longing for merged bliss combined with the explosive sexual instinct creates the brew of need and passion reflected in our popular culture. It is based on the trance of being the separated ego, which is why it can lead to so much suffering.

Only Essence can really love. Only who you TRULY ARE can experience, give and receive true love without pain. For who you truly are lives in love, and IS love.

Because who you truly are resides in the unchanging, it can give without fear of loss, without need to control. When you are fully anchored in the Divine Love aspect of your nature, you exude love as a flower exudes its fragrance.

Fortunately for us human beings, we don’t have to be fully enlightened to have access to the great effulgent goodness of the Divine Love that is our true nature.

Fortunately for us, Divine Love is the one higher dimension that most easily seeps through into every-day human experience. 

Feeling true love – whether for a partner, a child, an animal, or anything else – is something we humans are actually good at. The human heart is open to feeling love, tenderness, compassion, and generosity. These are Divine dimensions, the ones closest to the human domain. And they are also every-day experiences available to everyone.

Feeling true love is blissful in itself without thought of reward. It is its own reward because consciously being our True Nature is bliss. And when we are our True Nature we automatically are filled with love which flows out of us naturally – so long as we don’t contract in fear and revert to the ego-trance.

This is the dance of humanity right now. We are on a perilous and magnificent edge of possibility – to enter more fully into our Divine nature and highest potential as powerful beings of Love.

For love is also a power – as the Divine is powerful. Love is the creative force of the universe!

What can the full range of human relationships look like, feel like, be like when we all wake out of the trance of limitation and remember who we truly are?

Do you think this might change the world?

It is up to you and me to lead the way.

*     *     *     *     *      *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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