Invitation to a gathering of support


The world is at a turning point.

We who are called to serve in some way,  to help bring in a better world –  our time is now.

The transition we came to help with is happening now. And it will only intensify.

If you’ve ever felt like you might be called to “active duty” some day, on behalf of spirit – I believe we are hearing that call now. Not to warfare, but to show up in presence, in connection to a greater presence, that transcends the battle field.

But Warriors of Light do need strength as well as love and compassion.
We are being called to be Pillars of Strength and Beacons of Light. We are called to stand in our Soul Self.

We derive our strength from our grounding in the greater purpose of our lives, in the soul presence that over-lights us, in our direct connection to our source.

We all have times when we feel connected to that source of strength, truth, and love.

And we also have times when we feel disconnected and disempowered.

I know I go back and forth, depending on what I let influence me, and how much I return to some kind of spiritual practice.
In fact, the disconnected state is our default setting as personalities, the self we have been taught to believe we are.

For those of us on a conscious path, there is a steady challenge to bridge that gap between our finite and our infinite selves.

That is the nature of the human dilemma. And that is the challenge of the time we are living in.

At this particularly intense moment in our history, we are especially being challenged. I predict this time will strengthen us and will prove a turning point in human evolution. And in our personal evolution in particular, every one of us.

That being so, I sense we could use some help right now in reconnecting to our truth. And in disconnecting from our fears and pain.

I am offering a FREE GATHERING on Tuesday, Nov. 15th at 2 pm Pacific, 5 pm Eastern, to help with this.

Please join me by registering here:

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