I’m back….. Where have I been?


In April of 2021 I suddenly plunged into a whole new level of my work, a realm of deep exploration, revelation, study, learning, mastering new skills, developing new partnerships and new projects, and generally re-organizing my entire professional life. I’s been all-consuming.

I’m just now coming up for air.

In one way, not much has changed regarding my work, my purpose, and my offerings. 

My focus remains as it has always been: to serve the Divine Plan and to help you to do the same.

My greatest desire has always been to see humanity’s highest potential – the Golden Future – become a reality.

My channeling continues, along with healing and clearing to help beautiful light worker souls move forward on your soul’s path.

But in another way, almost everything has changed. 
  1. First, I have reconnected to the original source of my adventure with channeling  that started 40 years ago – which has always been the Divine Source itself, the greatest blessing in my life.
  2. As part of that reconnection, I now see divine partnership as the key to what we humans need for our own healing and to clear negativity from our world.
  3. I’ve joined forces with a group of people working with divine partnership in their healing work for individuals, humanity, Gaia and beyond. (For a long-term solopreneur it’s refreshing to finally have the support of a team.)
  4. I’ve started to practice two major healing modalities that are powerful new technologies on the planet, and which I’m now offering to you – (at a big “hello again” discount!)
  5. I’ve refined my approach to channeling (having learned that there are serious dangers from unprotected spiritual outreach) so that I now know it’s safe, and I will be teaching this important method soon. I am also channeling different forms of consciousness including clients’ higher selves, loved ones on the other side, animals… as well as the Divine, archangels, and my familiar guides, on request.
  6. Finally, I’ve formed a working partnership with a wonderful young man named Lance Lee. Under our new banner of Divine Partnership, we’ll be offering free monthly healing calls (for healing yourself, loved ones, humanity, and Gaia), teaching the secrets of empowered prayer, and offering healing services together.

In the coming weeks I will unfold many of the elements of this journey, as I have much to share!

Meanwhile, you can read about some of my new healing offers  – including special introductory discounts – HERE.

Now I’m wondering: How have you been over the past few months?
What do you most need to feel hopeful, purposeful, and empowered? 

What do you need to move forward?

Please let me know.

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