If You Want to Grow, Learn to Stretch

One thing I’ve discovered in the last few years is that if you want to grow, you have to learn to stretch.

Stretching beyond my comfort zone has proven to be almost a magic formula for creating results. I think that moving into our fear zone demonstrates our commitment, our willingness to risk, and that elicits a vote of confidence from the universe. We have to show we really mean it – and then things start to line up.

So much of my life I was waiting for the universe to move first. Or for some other kind of proof or guarantee, before I would step forward and take a chance.

And the first few times I stepped beyond my prior limits were pretty terrifying.

But as I’ve noticed how often life has come to meet me “more than half way,” stretching has become exciting, exhilarating, a pleasure in itself. It’s now something I look forward to.

One thing’s for sure, though  – It really helps to stay flexible!


If You Want to Grow, Learn to Stretch — 2 Comments

  1. HI Tomar,
    I found you at Denise Wakeman’s share your blog day event. Just wanted to say Hi from another woman passionate about making midlife and beyond better. I love that cat photo, talk about stretching. And wise words in the post that accompanies it.
    Nice to meet you.

    • Hi Gregory Anne. Thanks for finding my blog – that blog share is such a generous offer that Denise makes. We actually met once – I think it was at a one-day event in NYC given by Suzanne Evans (either that or one by Mary Allen). I will definitely reciprocate and check out your blog too. Great to meet another midlife coach.

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