How to reclaim your power . . . (what power?)



Have you ever wanted to reclaim your power –  as I have?
Which power were you thinking of?
Such talk is common in spiritual circles, but it’s not well defined.

I would say that we are innately powerful because we are Divine beings.

That means we are part of the vastness, ourselves. We are connected to the very source of power in our Universe.

But most of us have forgotten that. We certainly don’t feel or act very “vast.”
And there is a reason for that: as physical beings we are limited.

It takes training to learn how to reconnect to who we are and activate that power. And we can’t really do it alone, despite what we’re told.

Here’s a secret I have learned:
As individuals we each have an eternal and unbreakable connection with the vast reality we come from.  But there’s something we’re never told about this connection: it is meant to be a partnership – an active, living partnership between you and the vastness. 

That means you have to not only believe some higher source of power really exists, you have to also believe you are worthy of being partners with it.

I continually hear people complain of feeling inadequate or unworthy, afraid to put themselves forward. This is true especially of the most sensitive, spiritual people I meet (as it was of me, for most of my life).

[I hope to offer a class some day called “Let’s delete the unworthiness gene once and for all!” Would you sign up? Let me know.]  

But why this epidemic of unworthiness? There are a few reasons. 

Have you noticed how many of our cultural influences inculcate in us feelings of unworthiness?

Think of the advertising industry that, since its inception, has depended on making us feel “less-than,” so we will pay to acquire what we lack and become “okay” in our own or others’ eyes.

Think of the beauty industry that exploits women to feel insecurity and body-shame in order to get them to pay for solutions.

Think of mass media, including social media – that elevate celebrity, fame, beauty, and money as the only standards to be judged by?

Think of the Christian teachings of original sin, threatening children with eternal damnation if they even think a bad thought!

Who does it benefit to push humans down into feelings of inadequacy? Some would say Capitalism, some would say Patriarchy, some would say power structures in general. I would say yes to all of those and more.

Whatever the forces of control are on our planet, they want us to lose our power. 

Here’s a paradox: When we say prayers or affirmations from a place of disempowerment, that only maintains our powerlessness. This is one reason why so many times they don’t work. You can’t get there from here – when “here” is a feeling of weakness or helplessness.

Inevitably, when we are at our weakest is when we tend to reach for help. And when it doesn’t come we blame the very idea of prayer or God – it must not be real. 

Besides, many tools for change seek to use consciousness or energy but do not include the Divine realm in the equation at all.

Including the Divine realm changes everything. But how you do it matters. You have to believe it’s real and you have to know you’re worthy. Then the requests you make can have power. 

I’ve said thousands of affirmations, invocations, and prayers of my own devising – often flinging myself at God, beseeching to be shown and told what to do. But I was not given clear direction because, although I was sincere, I lacked clarity in my request. And I felt like a supplicant, begging for help.

So long as we grovel and beg we will be affirming our disempowerment, and allowed to keep it  – for this is a free will zone and we have chosen to believe we’re needy.

On the other hand, if we wait passively for someone “greater,” whom we trust  – God, angels, or ETs – to rescue us, confident they will do so, we will wait in vain, for we have to take an active part. (Forget the ETs, by the way.)

And thinking we can do it alone, by the radiance of our inner light, is another delusion that’s popular today (and one I’ve fallen for). Not so, we need our partner.

Neither partner can do it alone. But together we can turn things around – in our own lives and in the world!

The only way we can change the world sufficiently to make a difference, while there is time, is by accepting the invitation to dance in partnership with the Divine (however and whatever you conceive that to be) – this incredible gift we were born for.

This is not a game for wimps. This is not about religion or past traditions, nor about accepting any dogma. This is not about changing any path you currently follow.

This is a fresh, direct connection to the spiritual lifeline of who we actually are.

And that switches on our access to power –  the power we need to create change.

If you’d like to learn more about this Divine Partnership that is your birthright, and how to use prayer in an empowered, effective way, you can join my free monthly Divine Healing calls, starting soon. I will also be co-leading a class in Empowered Prayer.

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