Workshop- Stability and Hope in Times of Chaos



These are times of chaos, designed to destabilize and disempower us.

It’s easy to respond with fear, rage, helplessness, and despair.

For that very reason it’s imperative that we find reasons to hope, and learn the best tools for keeping our energy clear, strong, and anchored.

It’s important that we, who are here to help the world, be able to ground and stabilize ourselves in our spiritual connection and remain positive, despite what we see around us.

Monday, July 23rd at 3 pm Pacific/ 6 pm Eastern
Learn how to use your Power of Choice to:
~ shift your state at will (e.g. from fear to strength + peace)
~ clear your energy and raise your vibration
~ stay focused on your highest vision, no matter what
~ remember who you are, and choose which “you” to be!
~ connect to the sources of love, wisdom, and power that fuel you
~ return to feeling safe, secure, and on purpose whenever you need to

Then you can become a battery of spiritual energy, a source of strength for others, and more effective in whatever outer actions you choose to take.

We are being challenged by world events that suggest some of the worst atrocities of the past. Everyone I know is reacting, but some – with PTSD for instance, or extreme empaths – are being triggered especially intensely.

If you’re being strongly triggered or have been feeling despair, then this workshop is for you! 

Yet, even though so many troubling things are happening, I believe we are at a very different turning point in history today – a positive one – and that we all have an important role to play in that Great Turning.

In order to play our roles, we must learn to stay connected to the light that is pouring into our world, to our own higher selves, and to the vast amount of spiritual support and guidance we have available now. 

I’m Tomar Levine and I’ve been seeking a way to maintain my own equilibrium in this unbalanced time.

Recently, my guides have started to teach about this topic in the messages I channel.

A lot of what I’ll be teaching comes directly from my Guides, and some of it is what I’ve been synthesizing from many sources, including my own awareness.

In this 90-minute Master Class, you will learn:
Why so much turmoil is happening now, and why appearances can be deceiving
~The three “fields of light” already permeating our planet with higher energies
~ The three Key Rememberings that will shift your state
~ The Teaching of the Three Selves and the Two Paradigms, that put you at choice, to go from victim to victorious!

~Why it’s so important to maintain a positive vision and how you can function as an anchor for the light
~What makes you especially vulnerable to being triggered and what to do when you are
~How to invoke spiritual help and guidance for yourself, others, and the world

Join me for this 90-minute FREE webinar Master Class:

Monday, July 23rd
3 pm Pacific, 6 pm Eastern

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