Healing yourself heals the world!

I did a channeling yesterday from the Divine Source Collective, a group of light beings who like to teach.

What they told me was very interesting. It has to do with the fact that we are all so much more connected than we realize – when we work on what we think of as “our issues” we’re actually healing the collective consciousness of humanity. Because that’s who we are, what we’re part of. That’s part of the “work” we’re here to do.

Who knew?

You can listen to the channeling here: (it lasts about 7 minutes).



Here’s some more of what they had to say:

You are all much more interconnected than you recognize. There is really no separate individual consciousness apart from the collective consciousness of humanity as a group soul that has developed and continues to unfold and evolve. And you, as a unique part and particle of that … have the singular honor and power to work upon the malleable substance of human consciousness through working out your own personal issues.

That’s right – what you have always thought of as your own. .. Not only are you influenced by the collective, but you influence the collective

Now especially, at this time of heightened spiritual power and potency, the power you have now to affect change on planet Earth and thru the collective consciousness is truly unprecedented. Never has it been granted to so many souls at once and in harmony together.

For you form a united coalescing pattern of light, increasingly intricate and beautiful a you surround the Earth w your awakening.  …

Your job is to stay lifted in your perspective, to not be deceived by appearances, no matter how dark they may seem at times, into believing the voices of fear. But rather to believe that which is calling you from within your heart, that you hear and recognize, that has your unique soul vibration name calling to you, from within and from above.

This is the time to activate your power as a soul, which is being reinforced by tremendous amounts of love and light pouring into your world. Blessings to you.


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