Calling in the Golden Future


The world is changing…
right before our eyes. 

On Dec. 21st, at the turning of the Solstice,
a planetary event took place that
many astrologers consider the
 “official dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”

It’s a shift in energy that we have been
for eons. Many things will become possible.

Humanity is at a turning point, and 
our future could go in different directions. 

I believe there is an optimal future for humanity
(I call the Golden Future) and it’s calling us. 
It needs us to align with it in order to bring it closer.

Will you join me? 

On two Sundays in Dec. 2020 
I led gatherings to connect to this high energy. 

We went on some magical journeys together,
and discovered things about this future

and about who we need to be to bring it in. 

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I’m Tomar Levine,
and I’ve been channeling guidance from spiritual sources for over thirty years.
My mission is to support those on a path of Awakening, like you, to answer your soul’s call and make the contribution you were born to make. As a coach, mentor, healer and teacher, as well as a channel, writer, and artist, my goal in all I do is to amplify both personal and global transformation and to accelerate the birthing of a new reality.

What students have said about my guided journeys:
“I was so transported by the meditation at the end of the last call, I was speechless.” ~ Aileen S., teacher, healer

“Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for that profoundly beautiful process… I’ve experienced a LOT of guided visualizations, but this was the MOST beautiful and the MOST powerful! “ ~  Wendi K, author, coach, speaker

“Your practices and processes are so beautiful and transformative.  Thank you!”
~ Julie M, Yoga instructor

Today’s session was absolutely wonderful….thank you!!!

~ Mindy S, Nature-based leadership coach

What people have said about my channeling:
our messages are always timely and very supportive. Thank you so much for being such a visionary guide in these times!” – Debora S, author, teacher

I so appreciate your clarity as a channel, Tomar. These messages are crucial for our healing and evolution right now.” – Melissa Z., healer

“Thank you, Tomar. These messages feel like light itself: clear and life-giving.” – Anna K.

Beautiful and empowering messages for those of us trying to understand what the hell is going on” ~ Lindsley F., healer, coach

“Thank you for consistently holding up the lantern, so those on a path of awakening can see just a little bit further into the Unknown that lies ahead.” ~ Katherine M. M., healer