Go For Your Heart’s Desire

Today is Valentine’s Day, and everywhere the talk is of love. But I would rather speak to whatever may light up your heart. For that is the only thing that really matters.

When it comes to your heart’s desire, Lotus and I have one piece of advice: GO FUR IT!

And that may require a S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

What is your heart’s HIGHEST desire? What is the greatest joy and fulfillment you can imagine? Do you even dare to let yourself dream that big???

How long has it been since you let yourself contemplate what you deeply love and long for, including the visionary goals and ideals that inspire you?

Sometimes, when we’ve buried our dreams for too long, it hurts to even look in their direction.. .

Right now – no one’s looking – take yourself on a little journey to that place inside you that fills with light when you open to the most magical dreams you’ve ever held. What do they include? Do you long to live in a beautiful home by the ocean or high in the mountains? Do you dream of a special relationship that will feed your soul? How about making a difference in the world using your special gifts and talents, the ones you love to express and share with others?

If you’re lucky enough to hold  such a vision  – I’m asking you to take that vision seriously. The clues to your purpose lie in what you want and  love, in what you dream of doing, and would do for free if you could.

So when you find that vision – delight in it. Don’t be afraid of looking foolish!

That’s what GOING FUR IT means. It means going all out, and not caring who sees you.

It means taking a chance even though you may not see the clear path yet.

It means trusting that what is in your heart is there for a reason.

It means being willing to risk, and not worrying about what others will think or say.

It surely means not worrying about being “too old.” Since when were there any limits on love and joy?

Finally, when you really know you have found your heart’s highest desire . . .

. . . .when you are resting in the truth of what you are here to do and be . . .

. . . you will simply transmit it to others, and to the world.

And those who feel your truth will receive your gifts . . . and be blessed.

This is worth risking for, reaching for, stretching for.

So . . .  GO FUR IT!

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