Gather With the Guides!

Gather With the Guides!

Join a circle of loving support and co-creation
with my guides, 
the Teachers of Light!


I believe this is the time for which we were born – we who are answering a call to bring more light to the world. Do you share that inner knowing? That this is the year you’ve been waiting for?

I’m Tomar Levine and I’ve been channeling higher wisdom for over 35 years. I’ve been sharing messages from my non-physical teachers for the past four years and have heard from countless people about how meaningful these are.

My guides shed light on our world, on spiritual realities, and on our roles as light workers and change agents. Their vision is always uplifting and hope-inspiring, for they continue to see the bigger picture.

Here is part of their message for 2020:

We are entering together the promised land. Not the garden of Eden, and not Paradise – yet. But what has been foretold for eons, the period of transition and transformation.

Each of you has a role to play. Each of you is carrying a light. You are a transmitter of light to the world.

You are here to raise the frequency of the world and you do that first by raising your own frequency, breathing on your own flame to make it glow brighter.

There is nothing to fear, dear ones. You are all safe. You are here on a journey and the caravan is starting to move. The journey is starting and we welcome you into the magical times of power, trust, and creativity. 

All is foretold, and you have come here to fulfill those prophecies. You are the harbingers of new life, new light, a new reality. Stay close to the fire light that shines on your path. Stay close together as you travel and all will be well.

Welcome to the turning point of the new reality.

 Recently I started doing PRIVATE SESSIONS with these guides and they’ve been amazing!

Now they have asked me to create something new – a supportive, loving space where those who would like more contact with them, and more support for the transition we’re going through, can meet as an ongoing community. 

In this space we will receive
~  guidance, inspiration, and empowerment,
~  answers to our questions,
  teachings and activations to shine our light more brightly. 

In this space
~ members can interact directly with the guides and with each other, and
~ the guides themselves can expand their teachings in greater depth. 




Join me for 3 LIVE ZOOM CALLS
Thursdays at 1 pm Pacific/ 4 pm Eastern
Feb. 13, 20, and 27
(If you can’t make the calls live you can watch the replays.)

In these calls I will channel my guides so they can deepen their teachings, answer your questions, and guide us – in activations and in experiential practices for clearing energy, raising frequency, learning tools for creation – and in building a network of light together. 

This is a new leap for me. Would you like to join us? Together we will explore and experiment and co-create a new form of soul-growth community.

YOUR LIGHT will be part of the field we create, YOUR LIGHT will be part of the network that links us together and helps bridge Heaven and Earth.

My guides and I invite you with open arms to be part of the creation of this new inter-dimensional space that will help bring more light to Earth and to each of us! 


Tomar Levine is a channeler who shares messages from her guides to empower light workers and change agents and bring hope to us all. 
She is an intuitive Life Purpose and Career Guide/ Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs, and offers 1-1 intuitive readings and Soul Portraits, using her gifts as an artist. As a late bloomer herself, she specializes in those sharing their light in midlife or beyond. She is currently working on a book of channeled wisdom. Check out her Facebook group, “You Were Born For This Time!”