TOMAR’S ORIGINAL ART – small works

Something you may not know about me is that I was
an exhibiting artist in NYC for 15 years (in Soho and on 57th St.,
as well as in museum exhibits), helped organize and run
two artist-run galleries, and lectured on art in museums,
galleries, and artists’ studios for ten years. 


All works are on museum-quality materials.
Giclee silkscreen prints are 6″X 8″reproductions of my paintings.
The paintings and scratch drawings are done by using oil paint
on top of metallic acrylic paint on 4″ X 6″ hand made paper.

ONLY $111 for each piece of art!


The Quest The Quest
Giclee SilkscreenPrint

Night Journeys Night Journeys
Giclee SilkscreenPrint

Round Heart Goddess Heart Mother Goddess

Brown shell best Brown Shell

Green Shell + Green Shell

Chinese doll Chinese Wooden Man
Pearly Shell Pearlescent Shell

Green bottle w feather Green Bottle with Feather

Stone bird sharper Stone Bird

Bird in Box best Bird Block

Green Totem Jade Bear Totem

Owl figurine SOLD
Owl Figurine

Blue Egg ++ Blue Egg
Lilith ptg best Lilith/Ishtar


Lilith purple Purple Lilith/Ishtar

Creatrix 2 Creatrix  
Shaman Shaman

The Star - yes The Star (Tarot)

Dirga Durga

Dancer Ecstatic Dancer

Grandmothe:Madonnar Grandmother/Madonna

Mother of Life - yes?? Mother of Life

 The Quest best? The Quest

 Quest Figure 9 The Quest Figure

 Buddha 2  Buddha

Buddha head scratch drawing Buddha Head

Horus -? Horus Plaque

Wise Women Waking Wise Women Waking

Golden One Golden One

Globe Goddess 2  Globe Goddess

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*Tomar video shot 2Tomar Levine is a coach, writer, speaker, teacher, Akashic Record consultant, and visual artist. She was an exhibiting artist in New York City for 15 years before changing direction and becoming an energy healer, psycho-spiritual counselor, and finally an Intuitive Life Purpose and Career guide. She is currently the owner of Soul Guidance for Your Business, and co-founder of True Abundance Oasis, where she and Natalie Kent help spiritual entrepreneurs bring their soul’s gifts into the world in the form of an inspired business, together with others. 

You can learn more about her work at and .