Energy of Abundance


Raise your energy frequency!
Fill your awareness with joy and aliveness!
Attract Abundance from the infinite supply of the Universe!
This simple, easy practice can change your life – really!

This brief and potent Invocation will:

  • Raise your energy frequency every time you read or hear it
  • Bring the Flow of Abundance directly into your energy field
  • Lift your mood, expand your awareness and your confidence
  • Fill you with a powerful knowing that all is well
  • Infuse your consciousness with infinite aliveness

You will become a battery of powerful positive energy, transmitting this high vibration into the Universe, and attracting to yourself the Abundance that exists everywhere.

Try this and find out for yourself the wonderful, invigorating tonic that an Energy of Abundance Invocation can produce in your life! And receive its blessings – with my blessings.

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