Energy of Abundance Thank-You Page


You have chosen to download my Energy of Abundance Invocation.

You can download the links here:

Energy of Abundance Invocation PDF

Energy of Abundance Invocation 1-Page (to print) PDF

Energy of Abundance Invocation with Introduction mp3

Energy of Abundance Invocation alone mp3

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This brief, powerful, and potent statement will raise your energy frequency every time you read it, say it out loud, or listen to the audio. These words will bring the flow of Abundance directly into your energy field and infuse your consciousness with the awareness of the infinite aliveness that fills every atom of space and every molecule of being.

You will feel your mood lift, your state of mind will become expansive and confident, and a knowing that all is well will surge through you. You will then be transmitting this powerful positive energy into the Universe, attracting Abundance back to you.

I wish you every blessing .

May the spirit of the infinite abundance of the Universe fill you always.

Tomar Levine