Emotional New Moon in Cancer

New MoonThe new moon enters watery, emotional, motherly, nurturing, domestic Cancer this week. It is a great time for self-care, self-compassion, and emotional awareness.

There will also be a number of transits – including a tight Mars-Mercury conjunction in Cancer and some major squares and oppositions – that will put pressure on security-minded emotional Cancer. As a result there may be some emotional cleansing, bringing up of suppressed feelings, and/or triggering of tempers. 

It’s all in the service of connecting with our deeper truth and getting clear about what we truly feel and want. It may be a time for self-examination, clearing out of old patterns and healing ancient fears. In fact, it’s a perfect time to clean out our emotional body, getting rid of old debris. (And take a shower afterwards, using the watery nature of Cancer.)

In addition to heightened emotional sensitivity, there may be challenges to our sense of security – one of the major concerns of Cancer – including emotional, financial, home, business, and relationships. Prudence is in order. 

Above all, self-love and compassion are being called for. 

This coming New Moon in Cancer: 
Wednesday, July 15th at 6:24 p.m. Pacific, 9:24 p.m. Eastern, 2:24 a.m. GMT onJuly 16th. (The intentions are best set around that time, or within 8 hours after, but within the next two to four days is fine.)

The areas to focus on when setting intentions include:

  • Emotional Communication – Whether communicating with your loved ones, family, business associates, or with yourself, you may experience heightened awareness, including things like old grudges and hurts coming up. It may be good to clear them but be mindful of not getting taken over. Apply compassion and care in all cases. Intend for clarity and peace and healing in this realm. 
  • Safety and Security – Pay attention to your financial and physical security, and take care of your needs. Be prudent in decision-making. Intend for security. This includes emotional security as well. 
  • Belonging – Feelings of belonging, emotional closeness, intimacy – this is a time to acknowledge these needs, and to ask for help when appropriate. Family is important.
  • Domestic Environment – Your physical home (and office) are important as a source of security, comfort, pleasure, and support. Take care of them. This is a good time to beautify, organize, even look for a new place to live or work. Great for real estate. 
  • Nurturing – Emotional nourishment, being supportive and accepting support, taking care of others and being taken care of (including with clients and mentors) are part of this cycle. Honor your Mother- both literally and symbolically, as well as by playing a maternal role in your work and life. Literal nourishment – food- is highlighted. It’s a good time for intimate shared meals with loved ones. Be open to the Divine Mother. 
  • Relax Excessive Self-Protection – Be aware of areas of insecurity, clinginess, possessiveness, fear of rejection, and overly cautious behavior, including emotionally. 
  • For health it concerns breasts ands stomach – about giving and receiving nourishment.
Here are some tips for how to use the New Moon energy to plant effective wishes/ intentions/ visions:

1. Write them by hand. (You might want to keep a New Moon Magic journal – that’s what I’m doing. Or you could write them on cards and keep them in a drawer.)

2. Choose more than one but no more than ten wishes or intentions. (To activate but not dissipate the energy.)

3. Wait until the actual New Moon time or 8 hours after or within 48 hours after that . Let the wishes form and choose the ones that feel most harmonious and right to you at that time. 

4. In phrasing your intentions feel free to use words such as “I choose, I intend, I create, I wish or want to experience, I request, I ask for, I call to me…..”  One good choice is “I accept these things — or something better — into my life now, for my highest good, and for the highest good of all concerned.” And then list what you want in the present tense. 

5. You might want to say them out loud after you write them down. 

6. Some recommend lighting a candle. Or picture the paper you’ve written your list on irradiated by light burning away all anxiety around your desires. 

Keeping our written intentions where we can refer back to them later, to see which actually came true, is part of this experiment. It’s also advisable to keep your intentions in mind, especially as the Full Moon approaches, the time for action. These intentions will also be powerful to review at the end of the year!

I have also created a NEW MOON MAGIC FACEBOOK PAGE for sharing our New Moon Intentions, if you’d like to do that. Please click on above link to join me there – and click “Join group” in upper right corner if you want to join.

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