Don’t Lose Heart: This is the time you were born for


The world is at a turning point. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Now, more than ever, with this momentous election happening,
we are all aware of the challenges involved as the world moves toward transformation.

Clearly, it is not going to be all easy sailing.

And whether or not you hear it that way, it is calling you –
  calling each and every one of us – to get ready to step up to what you were born for.

Because if you feel drawn to serve in some way, to help bring in a better world, I believe you agreed to be on what I call the Transition Team.

It was a soul choice of yours. A choice to volunteer to be part of a large group of helpers on a very important mission, to help planet Earth and its inhabitants move through a great transition to the next higher level of their evolution.

This is the transition you came for. It’s happening now.

Whatever your individual gifts and contributions are, they are part of a much larger tapestry than you alone. Your particular thread, when woven in with all the others, has the potential to help create a new world. 

You can’t change the world by yourself. But never forget that you’re not alone.

This is not a time to be disheartened. It is a time to reconnect to your soul’s purpose,
ground yourself in the support of the Earth that we love and that loves us – and to hold the highest vision of the world you want to live in.

Know that this vision is real and important. We are all receiving stations for a higher truth. So trust what you sense, what you feel, what you know.

The future world that is coming into existence will also help you.
How can it not? As you serve it, so will it also serve you with the energy of evolution that flows through you and everyone.

This is a time for resolution and joyful alignment
with your very highest truth and with your soul’s knowing.

It is a time for trust in the large and sacred mission that you are part of.

And it is a time to empower yourself
to better be ready to deliver your highest gifts.

Most of us have been disempowered in our lives.
I’ve noticed that those people with the most beautiful gifts to give are often the most hampered in our ability to give them because of how many things hold us back.

If that describes you, I’d like to share with you something I am doing.

Next week I’m offering a 7 week class in spiritual and financial empowerment called Playing in the Fields of True Abundance.
It will help free you from what keeps you restricted, and reconnect you to your greater self, so you can step into your power as a change agent.

You can check it out here.

Because you’ve been following me for a while, I’d like to offer you a special discount. You can ask me about it if you’re interested. 

Love and blessings,


P.S. You can also pass this information along to your friends if you think they’d benefit.

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