Do you have to sell your car?

help3d_white_noreflectionI’m very excited to let everyone know that my good friend, L.James Johnson, has just published an e-book, “HELP! I Gotta Sell My Car NOW!: New Rules for Selling Your Vehicle Online.”

This subject may seem far from the themes of this blog. But there are three reasons why I’m letting you know about it.

1) I am mentioned in the acknowledgements as his marketing consultant! Having steeped myself in Internet marketing for a couple of years, I was able to help him get his legs in that world (and now he teaches me things, especially about technology).

2) James is a bona fide late bloomer. He wrote this book when he was 57, after a circuitous and interesting career path.

3) Some of you may be in the position of having to sell your own car!

If you check out his website,, you will find lots of resources, including some wonderful personalized services for those overwhelmed or intimidated by the prospect of car-buying or car-selling.

By the way, James is just about the sweetest man I know – he’s an automotive genius with an amazing heart and spirit. If anyone can transform the stereotype of used car salesman, it’s James. (I dubbed him The Expert Who Gives Used Car Salesmen a Good Name.)

And I’ve never even owned a car! (I belong to that rare breed: native New Yorkers who don’t drive!)

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