Divine Partnership



What is Divine Partnership and who is it for?

If you want to… 

~ Discover who you are as a Divine Human;
~ Become a powerful agent for change by partnering with Divine power (your birthright);
~ Learn to craft and launch empowered, effective prayers to help yourself, loved ones, humanity, and the world;
~ Clear and release hidden sources of suffering due to negative energetic interference, karmic wounds, and more;
~ Transform your life by healing trauma from this and past lives;
~ Contribute to the upliftment and ultimate ascension of humanity…

… I invite you to join me on the adventure of

Divine Partnership.

Join a Free Monthly “Healing Hour” call I cohost to heal yourself, loved ones, humanity, + Gaia.

At this time when the world needs the most help, we humans are mostly looking in the wrong places for solutions. 

Yet a powerful solution is hiding in plain sight.

There is a mystery at the heart of our existence,
that is both personal and impersonal,
both infinite… and intimate.
It knows us and we can come to know it.
It hears us and we can come to hear it.

It has gone out of fashion, even in spiritual circles, to “believe in” or speak of what is sometimes called God. The “G word” has become taboo.

We speak of “the Universe” and “Spirit” and may offer generic prayers hoping for spiritual support.  Many of us put our trust in spirit guides or angels, who are easy to relate to, or in a comforting idea of “love and light.” Yet we avoid the truth of who we truly are as Divine beings and our connection to our ultimate Source and true power.

Even the term “Source” can be used as a euphemism, to avoid looking squarely and directly at the personal nature of the Divine. Maybe because that makes us squirm – especially if it reminds us of a religion we’ve left behind, with claims of an authoritarian, judgmental deity, more punishing than loving.

That ‘stern judge’ was a distortion from the beginning.

Unfortunately, this deliberate corruption of spiritual truth has pushed many people away from belief in the Divine altogether in favor of a more liberated, egalitarian spirituality in which we each can serve as our own savior on the way to ascension.

This fits our contemporary self-image.
We are encouraged to believe in the DIY New Age version of spiritual autonomy.
But does it serve us when the chips are down?

A friend asked: “Is it possible to be ‘spiritual but not religious’ and still believe in God?”

The truth is, the Divine Source is available to us at all times, within our own consciousness. It’s who we are.
The invitation is always open for us to engage in a living and loving partnership, without reference to any religious nomenclature or historical baggage.

What we are talking about is a fresh and pure connection to our own spiritual lifeline.

We are speaking of a two-way connection that can transform your life, when you reach out to a reality that is so mysterious and yet personal and intimate – and that is part of who you are in your inmost self. The divine spark within you is like a tiny pilot light in your heart that can never go out, and which you can turn up whenever you wish, to make it higher and brighter. (Try that now.)

How can we create this living connection to our divine partner?

Through empowered prayer and prayer-based healing we can easily access this dynamic partnership and start to change our lives for the better.

We can reclaim our birthright as Divine Humans who have the authority to direct Divine power through our own thoughts, our own words, our own voice. For that is the nature of the partnership we were designed to enjoy.

We were not meant to be powerless victims of circumstance, but powerful leaders within our own realm. Yet, paradoxically, we can only access that power in partnership with our  Divine team. For although as Light Beings (between lifetimes) we are vast and powerful, as physical humans on Earth we are cut off from most of our power – despite what we wish were true. (Have you noticed?)

It is possible to have a clear two-way communication with Divine beings, including Source Creator itself.

I can attest to that from my own personal experience, spanning forty years! 

Our mission now is to say Yes to Divine Partnership so we can move forward with our sacred task.
It is time for us to step into the leadership that humanity was designed for, that each of us was born for.

Creator is waiting for us to say Yes to its outstretched hand.
We really have no time to waste.

Only we can save and transform our world.

We won’t be rescued by ET’s, angels, or the Divine by itself.
If you are waiting for that to happen, you will wait forever.
On the contrary, we are the ones who must say the word.
We have to be pro-active, to choose and request what it is we want.
That’s what having free will is about – taking responsibility, growing up.
It is up to us, using our own initiative, to change what needs to be changed.
It won’t happen otherwise.

It’s not too late to turn things around on Planet Earth – or in your own life.
But we must wake up and remember who we are and why we’re here.

And then we must take the simple action of reaching out for Divine Partnership…,
to become the spiritual warriors we came here to be.



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