Class – Thrive in Times of Chaos



How can we become more grounded + empowered?
How can we feel safe, and be effective as change agents/ healers/ light workers at this turning point on planet Earth?

The turmoil of our world keeps destabilizing us; 
we tend to fall into fear, despair, and paralysis at the very time when we are needed as ANCHORS OF THE LIGHT.
It’s important that we, who are here to help the world, be able  to ground and stabilize ourselves in our spiritual connection. We need to be the Vision Keepers for this world. We need to broadcast our light as a beacon for others.
By remembering that we have CHOICE and by using some SIMPLE PRACTICES, we can step into our sovereignty and become the powerful Change Agents our souls came here to be! (We can also support each other in a Community of Light!)

         THIS CLASS WILL TEACH YOU HOW!JOIN ME for a SIX-MODULE CLASS (delivered over 12 weeks)
STARTING Thursday, Sept 6th (time to be determined)

Learn how to use your Power of Choice to:
~ shift your state at will (e.g. from fear to strength + peace)
~ clear your energy and raise your vibration
~ stay focused on your highest vision, no matter what
~ remember who you are, and choose which “you” to be!
~ connect to the sources of love, wisdom, and power that fuel you
~ return to feeling fully on purpose whenever you need to
Then you can become a battery of spiritual energy, a source of strength for others, and more effective in all aspects of your work, both inner and outer..

Do you know that letting yourself get pulled down into the vortex of NEGATIVE EMOTIONS  (fear, anxiety, overwhelm, grief, rage, depression, despair, helplessness, etc.) – by the world events that push you this way and that –  has REAL DANGERS, both for you and for your world?
That’s especially true if you’re a Light Worker, here to be a conduit of the higher transformative energies entering the Earth plane now.
What are these DANGERS?
1. It drains and weakens you, just when you need your Strength.
2. It increases your self-forgetting when you most need to be Awake.
3. It disempowers you when you are trying to reclaim your Power. 
4. It triggers your primitive Lizard Brain just when you need to Evolve.
5. It contracts you as you are seeking to Expand.
6. It shuts you down just when the world most needs your Gifts and your Light! 
7. You may even be providing a “free lunch” to the Dark Forces – YUK! (It is said they feast on human negative energy!)
For all of these reasons it behooves us to do what we can to become Masters of our vehicle – our thoughts, emotions, energy and consciousness – so that we can be FULLY EMPOWERED to fulfill our Soul’s Mission in this life.

Even though many troubling things are happening in the world, I believe we are at a very powerful turning point in history today –
a positive one –
and that we all have an important role to play in that Great Turning.

Comments from students of this content:
“Such beautiful and powerful insights. You have wonderful gifts to share. Thank you thank you thank you!”    
Awesome content! ”    “I’m energized”  
“So much thankfulness for this call! Feeling so joyous!’
“This was fantastic Tomar!  Much needed information.”
“The way you’re bringing together these tools and practices is so powerful and empowering!”
I feel so strengthened by what you’ve already offered because you are speaking to the Higher Self. And that’s where we’re going.”
“You have so much clarity, you’ve helped me understand what’s happening in a new way.”

If you believe you are here to help – in any way – with the global transformation, you need to be strong and whole enough to be effective. It’s all too easy to get “taken down” by the negative energies generated by government, news media, etc. But part of their purpose is precisely to disempower people like us – and we must not let them do that! 

Instead, we can use this crisis to catapult us to staying connected to the light that is pouring into our world, to our own higher selves, and to the vast amount of spiritual support and guidance we have available now.

~This class is designed to give you back the power in your life!
~It will give you CHOICES you never knew you had.
~It will strengthen you and connect you to your Higher Wisdom.
~It will liberate your gifts so you can let your light shine freely! 

What you will learn in these six sessions are Keys to Empowerment and methods for Shifting your State. They will put YOU in the driver’s seat of your consciousness. Empowerment and choice are the opposite of letting ourselves be victimized by outer forces. Instead, we can be in control and learn to to shift our state through the power of choice, remembering, and by using some simple practices. In these modules the practices will build on each other so over the twelve weeks you can decide which ones you want to incorporate in your life.

In addition, there will be an energized and deeply supportive community in which we can all expand together, for these shifts are hard to make alone.

“With ABUNDANT THANKS to you and the depths of this work you are sharing with us. The processes you share with us are so profoundly powerful. I am deeply grateful to you for your wisdom, your creativity and your brilliance.” Love, Wendi Knox, Artist + Author

It’s vital to keep our energy and thoughts as positive as possible. Learn a morning practice to ground, clear, and reconnect your energy (plus practices of movement, breath, and nature). Learn methods for tracking and monitoring your thoughts and words, and taking more responsibility for them. PLUS: Be part of a community of Light Workers anchoring energy together in powerful group meditations!

“Thank you so very much Tomar. You are truly an inspiration- such a courageous intuitive, deep, sensitive and very creative woman. I love the class. it has been life changing for me.” Rhonda Ohlson, Healer

Our emotional reactions can take us down faster than anything else. When we learn to identify our emotional patterns and their source in our history, we can work with them. Learn a beautiful method to stop merging with painful emotions and instead soothe and heal them with love and compassion. You can even learn to reframe your “wound story” – the one that has plagued you for your entire life. (This method has been called life-changing.)

“Tomar – I sooo enjoyed our class — you were fabulous, and all of the meditations and exercises were amazing!” Deb M, Interfaith Minister

Our culture is based on a Paradigm of Lack, Fear, + Control, which we take to be normal and inevitable. Yet there’s another Paradigm available to us – one of Abundance, Love, + Flow. Learn to shift into the Abundance Paradigm through making choices about your energy, thoughts, feelings, and actions. This one insight can be life-changing and can create instant shifts.

“She is a mystic, a wise, seasoned counselor, a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas, and, above all, a very compassionate and enlightened soul. If you have the opportunity to work with Tomar, take it!” Dave Evans, Psychotherapist

Who are you really? Who are you taking yourself to be? The Small Self (the conditioned default ego-personality you have been taught is you), or the Big Self (the vast, boundless, infinite being of light that we fundamentally are)? Or the one in between: the living soul who chose to incarnate as you, the Star Traveler, whose view goes beyond this Earth? Learn to play with these different identities, for more options in life. See how you can shift from the level where your problems seem real to the level where the solutions and wisdom are revealed. You can also open inner relationships, to receive guidance and healing.

“Tomar Levine has an exceptional gift to articulate concepts that ring so true, yet no one has put in such clear language. Such clearly expressed concepts that resound so strongly make me wonder why I am only now receiving my owners manual that has eluded me my entire life.” 
Patrick Fitzimmons, Author

Learn to use your word and your voice to invoke spiritual support, call in helpers, and ask for what you need. Beyond affirmations, declarations have the power to command, when you speak from and as your Sovereign SoulInvoke the Energy of Abundance. Speak to the cells of your body. Also, it is most important that we renounce all vows of poverty and limitation that we’ve made in any timeline or dimension. Learn to use the power of your word and intention to free yourself from this bondage.

“Listening to Tomar is like listening to a little bit of heaven. Thank you, Tomar, you are an inspiration!” Linda Lamorie, Healer

Part of what we need to do to free ourselves of negative energies is to a) accept and forgive all the parts of ourselves we judge and reject, and b) forgive others – even those we don’t personally know – whom we blame for our difficulties. Learn to release to the light of the Higher Self what the ego self wants to cling to. When this becomes a regular practice, your energy raises automatically.

“Your call about ‘Getting Past I Can’t’ was astonishing, and I believe I was meant to hear it! Thank you!! I was blown away by a lot of the things you said.” Neil S.

I’m Tomar Levine and in addition to working with my own guides, and working with clients, I’m an avid student of the most powerful teachings I can find.

I’ve been seeking ways to maintain my own equilibrium in this unbalanced time and I’ve come up with some of the most effective and powerful resources I know.

Now I want to share them with you. 


Join me for this six-module Class, starting:

Thursday, Sept. 6th (first Content Delivery)
Thursday, Sept. 13th (first Live Call)
Time to be determined by students’ time zones
(We will meet live every two weeks, until Nov. 29th, skipping Thanksgiving)


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (until 9//0518)-
only  $249! ($50 OFF!)

(On Sept 6th it will go up to $299 – and it’s still possible to join for the first 2 weeks of the class.)


What to Expect
Every other week we will meet virtually by Internet or phone, using video conferencing with Zoom
. This will allow live interaction.

One week prior to each live meeting you will receive digital contents for that week’s teachings and practices, giving you a week to experience them before we get together to explore deeper. This will give you the richest experience of the material, and time to journal about it, without feeling rushed. We will also have time, over twelve weeks, to try on new practices, and decide which ones we want to keep. 

There will be a replay available after each live meeting, in case you have to miss a session or wish to review. (Some people may want to join the class just for the virtual contents and replays, even if they can’t make the live classes at all.) 

We will also have an exclusive Facebook group for this class, where you can share experiences, ask questions, and connect to classmates. I will respond to all questions there.

SPECIAL FEATURE:  MY GUIDES will be participating in the live sessions, answering questions along with me. 

SPECIAL BONUS:  PREAMBLE TO THE COURSE: Since the class isn’t starting until Sept. 6th, I am offering a few EXTRAS first, including some group meditations anchoring the light, combined with Q&A with my Guidesweekly email tips and prompts, and early entry into the Facebook group so we can start to get to know each other.

SPECIAL BONUS: For members of this class, I will offer 1-1 coaching/ healing calls for a special reduced fee. 

After registering, you will receive confirmation and will receive all the details regarding the class soon after.

GUARANTEE:  If, after the first session and BEFORE THE SECOND SESSION, you tell me that this class isn’t for you, you will get a FULL REFUND!