Christmas Blessings from the Akashic Guides

Baby light
A Christmas Blessing

Christmas Day is the designated time to awaken within the light of a child.
Whose child is this?
It is your own soul essence shining with light.
it is the light of the world dawning more and more.
it is the crescent moon bridging the light of Heaven and Earth
It is the womanly sphere of birthing and the masculine energy of completion.
Wreaths of golden light surrounding this emergence are witnessed by the angels who accompany you on your journey.

Into the darkness arrives a perfectly formed baby.
Hold this inner child, the seed of yourself and your destiny, deep in your heart.
Protect this inner child, give it the warmth and tenderness any baby needs.
Feed and tend to this young one as it grows strong and fearless within you.

Only this child will save you.
It is the child of pure understanding.
It is the triumph of love and peace.
No religion or group may claim it.
This is humanity’s moment to embrace its own inner birth.
Now is the time of awakening.
Rejoice and hold out your arms to receive this new life
That has traveled so far to greet you.

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