My Sand Spirit Adventure

I had an inspiring experience today:  a Sand Spirit card session with my good friend, the spiritual coach, shamanic practitioner, and author, Pamela Hale.

The Sand Spirit Insight Cards are a brand new, unique and beautiful self-help tool. This evocative deck of cards contains images from the sea that Pam – who’s also a photographer – captured on a beach in Mexico. With the colorations of the minerals in the sand, colored stones, and bits of vegetation – all exactly as she found them – these images suggest magical and mysterious figures. The more you look at them, the more you see. When you ask them questions, they answer you. It is an illuminating experience to work with these spirits from the sand.

To give you an example of how vividly they can communicate, I’ve included the first two cards I chose, representing my past and present. I was astonished when I looked into the images – the one of the past appeared to be wearing robes that were weighted down with heavy stones, while the one for the present looks to be 9 1/2 months pregnant, and glowing with luminous colors.

I chose other cards as well, and as Pam helped me to explore them from different angles and in different ways, suggesting questions for me to ask, and pointing out images that appeared to her, more and more of the potentials of my life were revealed to me. A card that had at first seemed to defy interpretation turned out to be the richest in associations and totally uplifting to me.

What’s different about this tool is that it requires you to exercise your own intuition, to engage in a dialogue with the images, and to trust the wisdom that arises within you in response to your questions. So these cards act as an oracle that really speaks to you in the voice of your own inner wisdom. And they are a thrilling aesthetic treat at the same time, carrying an ethereal beauty and the fragrance of the sea.

As Pam describes them, the Sand Spirit Insight Cards are gifts from the sea that activate inner wisdom, creativity, healing, and transformation. That they are.

If you would like to experience these amazing Insight Cards for yourself at no expense, you can attend a free teleseminar Pam and I will be offering together on Sept. 29th.

Click here for more information and then scroll down to register. I promise you, you will be very glad you did!

The Path Unfolds Only When You Walk On It

If you are a Spiritual Creative, you are probably conscious of being on a path – a spiritual path, a life path, or a path of self-discovery.

But being on a path does not necessarily mean that you have a clear idea of where that path is taking you. Sometimes all you know is that you want to move towards some greater alignment with yourself and your purpose, whatever that may be.

What if your vision is just a feeling, a sense, a glimmer of possibility? Something is calling you – but what is it, exactly?

There can be an enormous yearning in your soul without having to know precisely what that yearning is for.

How can you move towards such an elusive goal? . . .    Continue reading

Called to Purpose: Your Next Steps

I’ve been thinking a lot about next steps – my next steps, the next steps you in my community are making, and the next steps that I believe our world is on the brink of.

These are not just baby steps I’m talking about. I believe we’re all on the verge of something big – a true transformation.

And yet, the actual steps have to be easily do-able, or we will never take them. And that includes lots of tiny steps along the way. As we all have heard, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

What about you? Is there a journey you feel called to embark on? Is there a longing, an inner pull, maybe even a clear or semi-clear vision that you’ve been wanting to bring forth?

And is what’s stopping you that you’re just not sure what your first step should be?

What excites me most about what’s happening in the world today is the intersection of two levels of purpose that a lot of us are responding to.

Many people are feeling the call of their soul, the call of their personal purpose, whether that call is clear as a bell or still shrouded in mist.

And at the same time, many are also feeling another call, the call to share in a much bigger, planetary purpose.  . . . Continue reading

Where Will Your Next Step Take You?

You never know where you’ll be called to step next.

You may be just walking along, and suddenly find yourself out on a narrow ledge where you’ve never ventured before. Suddenly you’re in a new location with new vistas.

Lotus had never ventured onto the top of my air conditioner before, although it’s been there for her whole life. But last week, for some reason, she noticed it and decided to check it out. What got into her? I guess she felt called to explore.

You can’t become aware of something until you do. Waking up is a mystery. But once you notice something, you can’t un-notice it. That’s how awareness grows.

And once you feel called to explore, and choose to answer that call . . . Well, you just may find yourself in a whole new place, with a whole new view.