Called to Purpose: Your Next Steps

I’ve been thinking a lot about next steps – my next steps, the next steps you in my community are making, and the next steps that I believe our world is on the brink of.

These are not just baby steps I’m talking about. I believe we’re all on the verge of something big – a true transformation.

And yet, the actual steps have to be easily do-able, or we will never take them. And that includes lots of tiny steps along the way. As we all have heard, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

What about you? Is there a journey you feel called to embark on? Is there a longing, an inner pull, maybe even a clear or semi-clear vision that you’ve been wanting to bring forth?

And is what’s stopping you that you’re just not sure what your first step should be?

What excites me most about what’s happening in the world today is the intersection of two levels of purpose that a lot of us are responding to.

Many people are feeling the call of their soul, the call of their personal purpose, whether that call is clear as a bell or still shrouded in mist.

And at the same time, many are also feeling another call, the call to share in a much bigger, planetary purpose.  . . .

The world so obviously needs our help, if humanity is to make it into another century. I have felt this call for years, myself, without knowing what to do about it.

Could this intersection of two kinds of purpose be a coincidence? I don’t think so. I think our souls are awakening to an inner sacred promise we have made, to bring into the world something that is ours alone to give.

This is part of the maturation or evolution of our individual soul. And it’s also part of the larger evolution of our species.

A big part of the energy that’s kicking our awareness into high gear now is this huge shift taking place on the planet. We can no longer separate our individual lives and goals from the greater life we share with each other and with all of creation.

I believe there’s another sacred promise many of us made when we stepped into flesh-clothes again for this incarnation: the promise to help in midwifing the birth of a new consciousness.

What a huge responsibility, you may think!

Indeed it is. But the beauty of it is that fulfilling our individual purpose IS how we contribute to the planetary purpose. They are one and the same!

And we don’t have to do it alone. We will all help each other figure out how to take those do-able steps, again and again.

Now is the time and we are the ones! Let’s all wake up together, for our own personal joy and fulfillment, and to bring our gifts to the birthday celebration of a new humanity, as Barbara Marx Hubbard so beautifully puts it.

In order to sign up for this journey, all you need to do is take the first step.

Are you ready?

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