Belief Change

Do you want the power to bring your inspired ideas into manifestation?

Are you tired of struggling for the fulfillment and abundance that keep eluding you?


The 7 Keys to Belief Transformation:
How Healing The Wounds of Your Chakras
Will Free Your Passion, Purpose, Power, and Prosperity


Our seven main energy centers, or chakras, represent a map of our psyche, including our relationship to ourselves, to others, to life itself, and to Spirit.

Contained in these centers of energy are all the issues and blocks that keep you struggling in your life, as well as the potential for freedom and fulfillment in each of the domains they embody. These domains are:

  • Spiritual connection, wisdom, knowing
    • Intuition, insight, imagination
  • Communication, creativity, expressivenes

    • Love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness
    • Power, will, vitality, purpose
    • Sensuality, fluidity, pleasure, relaxation
    • Survival, grounding, prosperity, health




I’m Tomar Levine, Intutive Life Purpose & Career Mentor and creator of Soul Guidance for Your Business. As a spiritual entrepreneur, my passion is helping people Birth their Sacred Work.

In my report, “The 7 Keys to Belief Transformation,” I go into detail about the primary blocks you may experience related to SUCCESS IN BUSINESS. I pinpoint the limiting beliefs that arise in each chakra, why they arise, and how they may  prevent you from accessing the success and abundance you desire.

Finally, I show you powerful ways to turn around those beliefs, to achieve freedom and empowerment in all aspects of your life as they relate to success.

This illuminating report provides insight and creative solutions, relating your personal energy system to the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, and to the solutions that can free you.

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