Belief Change Sessions

Do you ever feel stuck?
Is your life not moving forward the way you want it to? The way you know it is “supposed to?”

Do you wonder how to unlock the magic within you, so your life will start to flow?

The most common reason we do not move forward freely towards our visions, goals, and dreams, and do not make the progress in our life that we long to make is unconscious limiting beliefs.

Our beliefs determine what we can achieve, despite what we say we want. Our beliefs set the LIMITS of what we are able to manifest.

This includes our financial limits, our career or creative limits, our love and relationship limits and often our health limits too – just to name a few. 

And most of our core beliefs are invisible to us. They have been living in our subconscious minds determining the course of our lives and often thwarting our attempts to change… basically, forever! 

A little-known secret is that it’s EASY to transform your limiting beliefs. It’s easy to replace them with powerful, supportive beliefs that work for you instead of against you.

I would love to help you, using powerful, effective, and easy to use methods that will heal and transform the issues that have been holding you back!  And once you know how, you will have a magical tool you can use again and again.

I have helped hundreds of people using these methods – including myself! My life has been radically transformed as a result.

You can book a 90-minute session with me today – or contact me if you wish to discuss it first. 


I love delivering these healing sessions, and I love seeing the results. And my clients love them too! 

“Wow, Tomar, you blew my mind once again! You are definitely working magic in my life. Thank you so much.
I have noticed so many changes in my life. I am standing up and speaking out for myself much more in my personal life and in my work.  Deep-seated beliefs of being unworthy and lacking intrinsic value have been brought out into the light to transform.”
~ Rhonda Ohlson, Author, Feldenkrais practitioner, singer

“With ABUNDANT THANKS to you and the depths of this work. The processes you share are so profoundly powerful. I am deeply grateful to you for your wisdom, your creativity and your brilliance.”
~ Wendi Knox, Author, coach, branding expert

“I have really been enjoying the Belief Closet work! And I started seeing differences right away. Some reorganization in my nervous system, more work coming in, even an unsolicited sign-up to my business. And today my acupuncturist says that my pulses were the strongest she has felt them in years!!!”
~ Jilena Alpert, Healer