Are you S.A.N.E. (Seeing Abundance Now Everywhere)?

I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance lately. True abundance.

That includes financial prosperity, of course, but also so much more. Life itself is abundance, joyful abundance manifesting in all ways.

I do believe in the principle that our outer life is an out-picturing of our inner reality. I believe there are an infinite number of potentials existing right now, and that the one I call towards me reflects who I am being on the inside. That means my beliefs, my emotions, my inner images, what I focus on and reinforce in my consciousness. And most of all it means my vibrational frequency.

I have heard so many people say “You must be a VIBRATIONAL MATCH for what it is you want to experience, want to manifest.”

Of course that’s not the ONLY thing you must do. There is also inspired action. But action is not where you start. The vision of your wholeness, your highest potential, what you are here to do is where to start.

And then you ask – if my vision were here now, what would my life be like? How would I feel? What would the desired outcome FEEL like?

And then ask yourself…. how can I be a vibrational match for that… NOW? Be a vibrational match for that FIRST, instead of waiting for the result to show up. That is what will bring your vision forward most quickly and easily.

Here’s a powerful and fun technique I invented recently for HOW TO BE A VIBRATIONAL MATCH FOR ABUNDANCE ITSELF.

I call it S.A.N.E., which stands for “See Abundance Now Everywhere.”

All you have to do is look around at your world, wherever you are right now – in your home, out on the street, anywhere. Just look at the physical manifestation of your world and say to yourself, “Look at all this abundance!” I will often go on to say things like: “Oh my god, there is so much abundance everywhere. Where did it all come from? There are houses, that human beings discovered how to construct to be safe and strong. I live in an apartment with smooth vertical walls and a flat smooth floor and glass window panes, and furniture, and books, and technological appliances, and electricity running through wires… not to mention so much beauty everywhere too.”

You see, I’m not looking at luxury or wealth. Everything is abundance if you just notice it. I feel like I could feed the whole world just with what’s inside my own apartment, if I knew how to convert it.

When I look at the world saying “Look at all this abundance” my eyes become full of awe and wonder, appreciation, praise and gratitude. I feel like I just arrived on planet Earth from somewhere else.. and am blown away by the magnificence of the physical dimension and all the intricate and miraculous forms that I see around me.

Try it – it is just a tiny shift. See if the words, “Look at all this abundance” shifts your vibration too. See Abundance Now Everywhere and you will become a vibrational match for abundance. Do it regularly and see how your outer world starts to change as well!

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