Are you ready to answer your call?

Spiral sizzling sun clipped 2I see and speak to so many women (and men too) who are feeling called, today. Called to use their highest gifts in the service of something beautiful and important – contributing to the new world. They may not all put it that way, but that is what it is.

When we decide to step into our purpose, to follow the call of our soul and the call of the world, major transformations start happening in us.

We may come alive with excitement, inspiration, and energy.

At the same time, we may suddenly feel the full weight of the fears and hesitations that have kept us in bondage, sometimes for a lifetime.

This is good. When those fears come up, uncomfortable as they are, we have the opportunity to clear them.

And when those joyful sparks of inspiration light us up but are hard to pin down, we have the opportunity to ground them.

Both are equally important in the crucial work we are each born to express. We are here for a purpose and in order to step more deeply into what that is, we need to engage with our inspiration and our fears.

For one more week, I am offering you a few ways to engage with me to help you do just that – at a very affordable price.

In my Wise Woman Waking Empowerment Session we will pull out all the elements of what you know and don’t know about what is calling you, connect the pieces, and start to see the beautiful pattern that emerges.

In my Akashic Reading for Your Business we will consult the wisdom of your inner guides to get a high-level vision of your highest potential, as well as some very down-to-Earth advice for how to implement your vision.

In my Belief Transformation work we will identify some of the core limiting beliefs that are holding you back and start to dissolve them in a powerful and delightful way.

Join me – I extend my hand to you – for one or more of these soul-explorations.

For one more week (through the end of August) you can take advantage of my “less than 1/2 price” sale. Each service is only $100 now for a full hour-long session.

Click here to get started!

Sending you love and blessings – the world needs your gifts!

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