Are you Highly Sensitive? Are you Hiding your Light?

Are You Hiding?

Do you ever hide your light under a bushel?

If so, one of the reasons may be that you are “highly sensitive.”

Like most highly sensitive people, I have found the 3-D world difficult  – and I bet you do too.

Like most highly sensitive people, I was afraid that others would not want what I had to offer. 

The more sensitive we are, the more we are prone to get wounded when we are children, and those wounds don’t go away. As a result, HSP’s tend to have more than usual self-doubt.

That was true of me.

Not only that… but I believe many of us carry memories of the times on Earth when holding your light publicly could get you killed – and often did! Those memories may not be conscious, but they are very deep.

So even though I felt strongly called on a soul level, I found ways to avoid answering that call.

In other words, I found ways to hide my light! 

In my case, that took the form of remaining a perpetual student, always taking one more training, degree program or certification, under the guise of becoming “more prepared.”

Does that sound familiar?

Of course your story may be different. 

You may have raised a family, worked a corporate job, taken care of sick loved ones, or had other reasons for not shining your light fully.

Or maybe you have taken steps into your purpose, but something is still not right. 

Self doubt may be in there too.

To be truthful, when I was wobbling, I didn’t have the kind of support that is available today – like coaches to encourage and challenge me, to teach me how to have a proper business, or to help me deal with my fears.

This was in the dark ages, before coaching or spiritual entrepreneurship were “a thing” – It was before the Internet, for crying out loud!

By the time I ran out of excuses, I was in LATE MIDDLE AGE, and beginning to panic.

I was okay with being a late bloomer, but I wanted to bloom in this lifetime!

I finally had to take a hard look at my stories and limiting beliefs – my beliefs that I didn’t have what it takes, that no one would want what I offered… and that there must be something wrong with me.

(Do you have any of those beliefs?)

I finally made a vow to myself that I would keep going forward this time, no matter what!

Making that vow was the best thing I did.
It forced me to push through walls of fear that I thought would destroy me. But when I pushed through, I miraculously found myself in open space with blue ocean in front of me.

That was about ten years ago, when I first started exploring the world of coaching and online business.

At an age when many people think about RETIRING, I grappled with LAUNCHING A NEW CAREER – mainly by challenging my fears. 

Even taking those all-important “Action Steps” required overcoming fear to take them! 

This was neither easy nor perfect, but it worked “enough.” 

And it’s gotten easier and better over time.

I learned about business, I discovered a community of support, I hired coaches.

And I found myself dismantling many of those DISEMPOWERING BELIEFS and replacing them with beliefs that align with who I truly am.

I tried many approaches and eventually found some Belief-Clearing methods that are effective, easy, and even fun to use! The most powerful ones work directly with the subconscious mind and with the whole self – body, mind, and spirit. That’s what makes them so powerful.

Teaching those methods to my clients is now a big part of what I do.

TRANSFORMING MY LIMITING BELIEFS in this way was probably the most important change I made.

(And I continue to work on myself – it’s an ongoing part of my life.)

Although I’m still a work in progress, I’ve made strides I only dreamed of before.

Like letting my light shine brightly in public, and letting people see who I really am.
Like stepping into my power and authority – taking risks and giving my gifts instead of giving in to my fear.

Like letting myself be more vulnerable in public. 

What in the past would have held me back, now is carrying me forward.


Even if you’re highly sensitive.  
Even if you’e not sure what your “light” looks like yet! 

My purpose now is to help empower and free others, who, like me, may feel like Divine Misfits … but are really highly sensitive light beings carrying gifts to heal and transform this world.

I have a special place in my heart for the late bloomers, too, those answering their soul’s call after fifty.

I am here to tell you that it’s NEVER too late to bloom! 

One thing I know is that the world really, really needs your light right now.

In fact, it’s urgent!

If any of this speaks to you, I invite you to join a VERY LOW-FEE PROGRAM that I’m offering, starting Jan. 7th. It will be fun and it will help a lot with those limiting beliefs.

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Or please contact me directly.

I’d love to help you shine your light.

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