Are You a Reluctant Entrepreneur?

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I’ve been thinking about what stands in the way of spiritual entrepreneurs earning money and being more successful. 

One reason I see is that most of us are not by nature truly “entrepreneurs.”

Something feels off to me about that term.

It might be an oxymoron. Most spiritual practitioners are not what is meant by the term “entrepreneurs”(folks who are excited about creating businesses per se). 

The term “spiritual entrepreneur” started to be used only a few years ago. Before that – in days of yore –  if you were a healer or a therapist you had a “private practice.” Do you remember that? 

When I was an exhibiting artist I never though I was in business – I was an artist. 

The stretch into the word “entrepreneur” is really important – it’s a kind of growing up, taking seriously what we do. It’s an awakening of sorts, teaching us what we have to do to be able to support ourselves through our gifts. 

But it can also … not quite fit. 

Especially all the marketing messages we get telling us HOW to be a successful entrepreneur. They can overwhelm us. They can confuse us. They can repel us. And they can even shame us. 

It’s a kind of double-bind for us… starting out with money ambivalence, and then feeling disempowered by the “experts” who tell us we have the wrong “mindset” to be successful or we’re not ambitious enough. (Has this ever happened to you?)

Thank goodness there are starting to be more down-to-Earth compassionate business mentors who understand what we need. 

I’ll have more to say about this in my webinar, “The 9 Hidden Money Wounds of Spiritual Entrepreneurs and How to Heal Them.” 

Till then, I recorded a brief “video nugget.” 

Tell me what YOU think… you may be one of those natural entrepreneurs… unlike me. 

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