Akashic Records – Your Light is Emerging

Blessings to all in this Season of Light, for it is truly a time of increased light emerging in your world. And not just in your immediate vicinity of planet Earth, but in all of creation, most especially in your home galaxy at this time.

There is truth in those who speak of cosmic waves of energy coming in to raise the frequency of your planet and so also of those who live upon it.

But that is not the entire story, dear ones. You are not just accompanying the planet as passengers going for a ride. It is actually your own higher will that is bringing this about, in concert with the forces of Light that orchestrate the direction of life on Earth and everywhere in the cosmos.

Your force is greater than you know, for you as encapsulated beings of flesh and mind are cut off from the full reach of your higher consciousness and soul vibration. But in the coming time that will change and many more of you will open the gates that have been sealed shut, and so you will perceive through the eyes of Love and will know and understand much more of who you truly are and why you are here.

This is the dawning of a New Age, one of co-emerging of the individual destiny and the collective in greater measure. In the times that are coming you will achieve much clearer conscious awareness of your truth and will also have access to your power to create in ways you can’t imagine.

This is all coming on the Earth and you who have volunteered to usher in this age are particularly blessed in the merit you can achieve by simply playing your part in the great design.

So blossom forth as you hear within your heart, for the time is now that all have agreed to meet upon the Earth plane to bring down Heaven on Earth. And you are among them. 

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