Akashic Records: Why You Were Born Now

You who have crossed the threshold into this world have all agreed to be a participant in the world events that are taking place now. Regardless of who you are, you agreed. And then there are those of you who not only agreed but eagerly signed up because you saw there was a need and your shining light responded to that need. 

When there is a need it is natural for the attuned soul to respond, for the heart to open, and for the individual that you are on a soul level to want to offer your energy, wisdom and knowledge, your gifts and inspiration, in service to what is unfolding. Many of you signed up for a particular assignment. Others just said “I want to be there, count me in.”

Never has there been a greater blessing afforded souls who incarnate than to be alive at this time. I want you to take that in. The very fact that you are alive right now is proof of your courage and generosity and of the purity of your intention.

Now is a time of great movement and stirring on the earth plane and many of you are feeling uncomfortable in your bodies, minds, and emotions. That is not by accident. You are being opened, activated, and your development is being accelerated and prepared. The earth itself is moving and stirring, as are the energies all around you in the greater universal field.

Please be gentle with yourself. Do not blame yourself for whatever discomfort you may be in. Accept the journey and see it with the higher vision of your soul. From now on there will be many occasions to celebrate as well as moments of intensity and concern. But the direction is forwards.

You are all on the great ship together and the ship has embarked. Whatever seas your ship will encounter, you will stay together and you will arrive at your destination intact and in love. We do not call it “saving the world.” We call it carrying life to its next level.

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