Akashic Records – Thoughts on Gratitude, Part 1

I asked the Guides of the Akashic Records: What’s the big deal about Gratitude, anyway? This is what they told me:

Thoughts on Gratitude – Part 1

Gratitude will be more and more important in the coming time as a means of transformation and even survival. Yes, that may surprise you. 

For gratitude and her cousin appreciation and her older sister Love –  all of these are the hallmarks of a higher consciousness. Not only the evidence but also the pathway to higher consciousness.

Climbing up the “mountain” of spiritual attainment by way of the path of gratitude -doesn’t that seem like the easy way up?  Does gratitude seem rugged and difficult or soft and friendly?

In fact, the pathway of gratitude is so essential today because it is the exact opposite of fear, and this is the polarity that needs to be reversed.

Where fear rejects, gratitude accepts. Where fear shudders and grimaces, gratitude smiles and caresses. Where fear runs the other way or stands frozen in place, gratitude warmly approaches and embraces. Where fear draws a knife, gratitude throws a kiss.

Which would you rather have as a companion – fear or gratitude? 

And yet, which do most people live with as their daily companion? Which  do they welcome in the door as a trusted advisor? All too often it is fear.

Often gratitude seems naive to the cynical, like a luxury to the hard-pressed, and even  foolish or deluded to those who struggle with outer circumstance.

And yet, if they only knew that gratitude IS the way out of their troubles, that gratitude IS the promised land, and that gratitude will in fact change their fortunes… how would their attitude change?

It is paradoxical, but the action of gratitude, if entered into whole-heartedly, will change your outer reality.

The trick is in trusting gratitude first, in having the courage to act on faith and believing in gratitude no matter what is being shown outwardly in one’s life.

In fact, being grateful for EVERYTHING is the key!

(more to come in Part 2)


Akashic Records – Thoughts on Gratitude, Part 1 — 2 Comments

  1. To what extent can we stay in the marketplace, surrounded by the competition, struggle, strife, and jealousy characteristic of the business or professional world, and yet maintain an awareness of a Power, a Presence, and a Realm unknown to the materialistic world-consciousness? It takes spiritual balance, the ability not to veer to one side or the other but always to blend the outer and the inner in one harmonious whole. To do this our whole day cannot be given over to worldly pursuits, but neither should it be given over entirely to meditation. True, we meditate many times a day to maintain an awareness of the Presence, but then we must go out and live this awareness by meeting the daily challenges and opportunities the world provides. It is possible to be in the world and yet live apart from it if we understand spiritual principles which help to maintain that necessary balance.
    Felicia A. Pacheco recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  2. Hi Felicia –
    Thank you for those wise words. What you allude to is indeed a great challenge we all face – how to live in both worlds? I trust and hope that it will be getting easier as more spiritual energy continues to penetrate our world and as the consciousness about business gets transformed so it’s less about fear and competition and more about collaboration and mutual support.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate your contribution.


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