Akashic Records on Scorpio Solar Eclipse, New Moon

I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the powerful energies of Scorpio and this Solar Eclipse/New Moon. This is what they said:

Yes, there is much power arising and opening in this occurrence on your planet. It is an opportunity for all to step through a certain portal that is opening wider, an opportunity to express your soul’s intent from a deep place of knowing, powerful emotions, and true connection with others. 

This is a time for all to go deep within themselves and find there the purpose and intention of their souls. It is a time for honesty and completion, for trust and anchoring in the inner knowing of the heart of what is true for you and what you need. The time is right for stepping out and claiming the truth of who you are in your inner power. It is a time for many to bring the deeper passion of their hearts into the open. 

For on this planet nothing will be completed without a complete revelation of the heart’s knowing. You live in a heart-based planet, one in which the emotions are as important as the rational mind. Bringing those two together forms the basis for the wisdom of the human energy. One without the other does damage and creates imbalance. 

The inner guidance of the heart may take you through some passages of pain and discord, but as you graduate to your next level of wisdom, the heart becomes a source of knowing, not danger or pain. Trust the wisdom of your heart and let that deep feminine grounding in what is true – that which cherishes all life with exquisite tenderness and intimacy – let that guide you in your choices. 

This time of empowerment and attunement of the heart gives rise to the emergence of what is best in you – your love living in connection to all. Step through this doorway and bring your knowledge and love together, for that is where your true power lies. 

Blessings to you.

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