Akashic Records on Gratitude – Part 2

Last week I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about Gratitude.  Part 1 of their comments included these points:

Gratitude is the “easy path” to higher consciousness. 
The trick is in: 

  • trusting gratitude first
  • having the courage to act on faith
  • believing in gratitude no matter what is being shown outwardly in one’s life.
    In fact, being grateful for EVERYTHING is the key! 

    This theme is continued  this week in Part 2…

Thoughts on Gratitude – Part 2 

You are a soul here to discover your purpose and grow soul-muscles of knowledge, courage, love, and joy. Therefore everything placed in your path is simply material for your journey. And everything is something to be grateful for.

If you look through the eyes of the so-called mortal, the one you take yourself to be, naturally fear wins the day too easily.

But if you recognize your life for what it is – a period of deep learning and growth for the soul to redeem and turn into riches of the only kind that matters – then every circumstance would be greeted with enthusiasm as an opportunity to triumph and transcend. 

You are a soul here on a journey of initiation into the next level of your being. Do not cower before the appearance of what you have been taught to fear. You are greater than that. You have control over circumstances if you remember who and what you truly are.

One of the roads to that remembering is through aligning your frequency with that of gratitude.

Fear is the result of forgetting, getting lost in the illusion.

Gratitude is the fruit of awakening. And it is also one of the paths to awakening. 

Awakening is what all are being called to do right now. Now is the time of greatest awakening ever in your history. So much depends on this awakening of planet Earth. 

It takes courage to embrace the path. But you were born at this time for exactly this reason.

Therefore, welcome all circumstances with Gratitude and see how your life transforms.

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