Akashic Records on FREEDOM

I asked the masters and guides of the Akashic Records to speak about what FREEDOM means to them. This is what they said:

The topic of freedom is dear to those of you alive today. Whether you perceive yourselves as having freedom or not having it, passions ride high on this most important theme. And yet, how many of you can detect the true grandeur and meaning of that word?

For as you perceive yourself within defined limits, freedom remains limited, relative, and functional. Freedom to have, freedom to act,freedom to be yourself, freedom to choose as you please, freedom from outside force – these are among the common interpretations of the concept of freedom at the human level. And they are just and important.

But there is so much more. And as you shift your gaze from outside you to within, from the relative world of human relations to the higher meaning of who you truly are, Freedom takes on a grander scale.

You who would lead the way out of the darkness and fear of the old mindset must embrace the power of this new Freedom. Without understanding where your freedom lies, you cannot lead, you cannot liberate yourself, you cannot step into the new world. 

Freedom, in fact, lies in the creative act itself, that originates within you. You are essentially the master of your being. You in your higher self have all the power you need to radically shift your perception and hence your reality – and to perceive “all that is” in the light of a higher truth.

You are free to shift your perception – and when you do, you are then free to step into an alternate universe from the one you have known until now.
Shifting your perception is not a small thing – it is a total restoration of true sight as the lens through which you perceive reality – and therefore the reality you identify yourself with, know your self to be part of, and hence the one you experience all around you.

That sounds dramatic, and it is, the truth is that surprising, the coming change is that great That is the freedom facing you right now. You are free to choose this freedom or not to. We understand that many may not.

But for those who do decide to enter into this new world, we welcome you and set the table now in anticipation of a great feast. For all who choose total Freedom, who choose to be at the point of creative choice spanning worlds and dimensions – you are among the company of angels.


Akashic Records on FREEDOM — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Tomar,

    I am overwhelmed by this freedom and abundance – I see, feel experience it EVERYWHERE in EVERYTHING – in a hypersensitive state of awareness. Feeling ungrounded; grounding only possible in the present moment…. very challenging time. My soul wants simplicity, emptiness and stillness. Thank you for this post and the one on Abundance.

  2. Hi Joann – It’s nice to hear from you. And -that sounds intense. Being in a state of heightened awareness definitely can be ungrounding. And so much is coming in right now, for those who are sensitive. Perhaps you need to balance in some way? Feel free to contact me if you like. Sending you all blessings! – Tomar

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