Akashic Records on Nurturing and Love


a Inner Light

I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the nurturing Cancer energies, and this is what they said:

This topic – of loving care, tender nurturing, protection and belonging – which are designated by Home and Mother archetypes – is a central longing for mankind right now. 

It is as though you are on a cliff edge and must choose which way to go. Backwards towards the dissonance of clashing interests and  distrust and fear – or forwards, into the open loving arms of that which has always been waiting for you. 

To step over this line, off of this cliff of solid ground, for some seems dangerous. Who will catch me if I trust? Who will want me if I have needs?  Do I not have to seem strong above all else, to influence those around me?

But we say to you: the day you give up your defense of self-protection – which is only guarding a phantom to begin with – the day you lay down your self-protection and walk into the loving arms of the Divine Mother – then you will know not only safety but what you are here for. You will understand what it means to be a human being. 

For above all else, the human journey you are on is one of gradual degrees of learning to trust Love and to give of yourselves ceaselessly for the sake of Love. 

Eventually all will understand the basis of this love, which is not physical but holds a universal imprint within all creation. To love is to know the field of oneness from which you stepped, into which you will return, and which is your true home and belonging. 

If you can remember your true home you will never lack or fear again. This is the ultimate kindness of the universe. There is none who is not held in this embrace. 

So be gentle with yourself, for you are touching and speaking to a wondrous being of light only clothed in flesh, not separate from the Divine source except by sleight of  hand, by a magic trick of illusion.




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