Akashic Records – Live Your Purpose

We look into the hearts of you reading this message and see that there is fear and concern on the topic of purpose. There is fear of failing, of getting it wrong, of missing the mark. There is fear of disappointment and dissatisfaction. There is even resentment that you may have to change your life, that you will be told that your current life is not adequate in some way, that you will be judged.

And we also see that there is great longing, great desire and intensity, and great love. And all of this love, longing, desire, and intensity revolve around the reason you are here. It is the calling card of your soul, if you will, announcing itself to you. letting you not feel content until you are reaching for the goal that your soul is here to attain.

Goal is perhaps the wrong word, for it is not an end-point you seek, but a state of continual flow and growth in the direction of being more fully who you are. That is all we mean by purpose. Being yourself in your entirety. What is the pathway toward more full realization of yourself? It is unique for each one. And it is never just for yourself alone.

You have encoded within your hearts, each of you, an image and a vibration which is the signal for what you seek. That image, that sound, that energy – it can take many  forms – are how you recognize what is familiar to your soul, what is calling to you.  When you meet that, something in you is awakened. Notice when this happens, and pay attention.

Notice when you feel called, when you feel the stirring of a great desire, a great love, a great longing. These are signals from your soul that you are getting closer. Trust and cherish these feelings that speak the language of the heart. It is through your heart that you hear the subtle communications of your soul nudging you in the direction of greater joy.

This is what we call your purpose – when you are living more fully in all the areas of your soul’s potential. Usually in life your soul remains a closed bud, of unfulfilled potential. When the bud  finally opens a beautiful flower emerges. And then even the flower gives way to the fullness of the fruit. Allow this process, until you become the fruiting of your soul.

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