Akashic Records: LIght Workers Must Close the Gap

a LIght Worker on planetI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the grounding and focusing energy of Virgo for the August new moon. This is what they said:

You are moving into a time of change and profound transformation – more than you realize. You are being called to jettison the extra weight – the ballast – that you do not need, that has been weighing you down, and to streamline your vehicle for take off. 

For the purposes of life on planet Earth the practicalities of life are most needed. Although vision and fantasy and inspiration are splendid, if you do not ground them in the details of life they will be of no use. 

This is the great divide that so many light workers need to bridge – from the vision to the practical reality. 

This practicality is urgently needed in the world from those of you who have the higher vision and are on a mission to bring more light into the world. We want you to make that extra effort – to close the gap between inspiration and reality. 

Picture it as a down-flow that comes to you from above and descends through your being to reach the Earth. For many that beautiful energy stays hovering a few inches above and never makes it down to where it can profoundly shift matter. 

That is the gap we speak of – down into the lower chakras of responsible action, practical application, grounded being. For some, details do not come naturally and visioning is more comfortable than effort and structure. To you we say – make that effort to the degree that you can and you will be greatly rewarded. 

You have much help now and you do not have to betray anything of value to yourself. You are spiritual beings having a human adventure on planet Earth for a highly valued purpose. 

Both feet on the ground is the way to make your purpose come to life. Avail yourself of the beautiful and sincere energies of Virgo and the other planetary helpers now surrounding you. And you will be amazed to see how quickly things begin to shift around you.


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